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I believe what Nyantakyi said in Anas' exposé – Inusah Fuseini

Inusah Abdulai B. Fuseini, Member of Parliament for Tamale Central play videoInusah Abdulai B. Fuseini, Member of Parliament for Tamale Central

Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini has suggested that there could be a little bit of truth to some of the things Mr Nyantakyi was recorded saying about the President and some government officials in the recent Anas investigative piece, Number 12, contrary to the belief that Mr Nyantakyi must have ‘allegedly’ conjured them.

Speaking on Joy FM's Newsfile programme, on the issue, Mr Fuseini said, the depth of knowledge Mr Nyantakyi exhibited concerning certain government projects and decisions made him seem as though he was at the helm of affairs in the country.

‘’To make emphatic statements to an investor on matters that as ordinary persons of this country, we haven’t the capacity to give such assurances. He was speaking more like a Prime Minister.

You must see the person of Mr Nyantakyi as a sports administrator from what he said concerning the political establishment. That is why when I listened to that the first time I said this matter must attract the attention of the Special Prosecutor,’’ he noted.

When asked by the host if he did believe Mr Nyantakyi’s comments, he responded in the affirmative saying, ‘’Yes I believe him’’.

Mr Fuseini said that even he as a minister could not have said some of the things Mr Nyantakyi said implying the Former GFA boss must have known what he was talking about.

‘’What situation led Nyantakyi to say what he said in the video? I see two clear distinctions, two personalities of Nyantakyi in the video. One as football administrator and one as a deeply connected person to the political establishment. I was a minister, a cabinet minister and when I listen to Mr Nyantakyi and the words I have read about what he said, even as a minister I couldn’t have said that. I am saying that Kwesi Nyantakyi in having the boldness and effrontery to say what he said lends itself to further investigation,’’ he said.

Anas’ latest exposé dubbed "Number 12" which captures many referees and key officials within the association in compromising positions has caused a shakeup in the country's football space.

Mr Nyantakyi was recorded taking a cash gift of $65,000 and negotiating a sponsorship deal with potential investors who turned out to be investigators.

Kwesi Nyantakyi was caught on tape giving ‘too much’ information to what he thought were possible investors but turned out to be members of Anas’ TigerEyePI crew.

In Anas’ Number12 exposé, Mr Nyantakyi was secretly recorded bragging about his seeming easy access to the President and his Vice, a situation he suggested would aid secure the potential investor whichever sector in the economy they choose to invest in.

He bragged about securing a meeting with the President, The Vice President as well as Roads Minister Kwasi Amoako-Atta, only if an amount of $11 million could be made available to be split among the aforementioned.

He revealed conversations he allegedly had with Deputy Roads Minister, Anthony Karbo, indicating that if certain amounts were made available to the President and his Vice, the investor would have it easy with his endeavours in the country.

This among other things he said would facilitate a solid business relationship between the parties, guaranteeing the investor of bigger and more lucrative deals in the country.

Following the premiere of the Number 12 investigative piece, a section of Ghanaians were shocked after they witnessed GFA officials, referees, football administrators and those in the Sports Ministry, entrusted with a mandate to manage Ghana football, take money from people for personal gains.

Many were especially disappointed in Mr. Nyantakyi who has not more than once successfully debunked rumours about him being corrupt in the past.

While Mr. Nyantakyi has since resigned from his post, some believe his resignation does not solve the bigger problem which is the thick coat of corruption overshadowing Ghana football.

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