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Politics of Friday, 8 May 2015

Source: Al-hajj

"I Don’t Know Why I Joined This Useless Party” -Agyepong


-Could be disqualified by
Vetting Committee

The acidic-tongue Member of Parliament for Assin Central’s fourth term bid is likely to suffer a major setback as credible information reaching the offices of The aL-hAJJ indicate that the vetting Committee of the New Patriotic Party is likely to disqualify him from contesting the June 13 parliamentary primaries.

While Kennedy Agyapong has put a tag on himself as chief financier of the NPP who does whatever pleases him, his recent description of the party as “useless” and members as “stupid, fools and idiots” has incurred the wrath of the many including some members of the vetting Committee.

Reports are that leading lights and elders of the party are outraged by Kennedy Agyapong’s brazen and unprovoked attacks on members of the NPP and are busily pushing for his disqualification from the Assin Central parliamentary candidate contest.

Although sections of the party executives and supporters are livid and brooding over the acerbic tongue legislator’s disparaging comments and are in support of his disqualification from the race, reports indicate that some high ups in the NPP, opinion leaders and chiefs in the Central region are lobbying to have him pardoned.

The NPP MP, who has carved a notorious niche for himself as a politician noted for insulting opponents even unprovoked, took many Ghanaians by surprise when he described the party on whose ticket he has been a three time Member of Parliament, as useless.

In a recent panel discussion on Adom TV, loudmouth Kennedy Agyapong could not fathom why the leadership of his party distanced the NPP from ethnocentric comments allegedly made by Yaw Osafo Marfo that persons from non-Akan regions don’t have any right in leading Ghana.

Having been convinced that he is untouchable in the NPP, Kennedy Agyapong described members of the NPP as “idiots, stupid people” and wondered “I don’t know why I belong to that political party. They are idiots.”

He went on to berate members of the NPP for lacking “common sense”, saying “fools… They are “bogus,” and expressed regret being a member of the party; insisting that because of their “book long” attitude, “NPP will stay in opposition forever.”

While he thinks he has once again gotten away with his ruthless attack on the NPP, Kennedy Agyapong’s folly hit him on Tuesday when he was vetted in a bid to represent the party for the fourth time in parliament.

An NPP Executive, who does not want his name mentioned, told The aL-hAJJ that those of them pushing for Kennedy Agyapong’s disqualification from the Assin central primaries are not doing it out of malice, but for the need to restore discipline which he said, has in recent times evaporated in the NPP.

He stated “Why does Kennedy want to be given the green light to contest on the ticket of a party he described as useless and its members as fools, stupid and idiots? He should go and contest on the ticket of the party he thinks are sensible and not useless. We are going to make sure he is disqualified. How can the same people he described as stupid, fools and idiots vet him and allow him to represent them in parliament again?”