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General News of Monday, 30 March 2020


How to wash your hands using Veronica Bucket - Auntie Vero teaches

Mrs. Veronica Bekoe supervising hand washing using the Veronica Bucket play videoMrs. Veronica Bekoe supervising hand washing using the Veronica Bucket

She has come to be known widely as the inventor of the Veronica buckets, an initiative that has today, more than ever, become very useful for many.

Health facilities, lorry stations, private and government institutions, even banking halls, have adopted the use of the veronica buckets as a safety mechanism for their patients and clients, since the importation of the coronavirus into Ghana.

Mrs. Veronica Bekoe was a biological scientist whose major work was in the Public Health and Reference Laboratory of the Ghana Health Service.

As far back as the 90’s, Mrs. Veronica Bekoe thought of a way to help provide a more hygienic solution for her colleague scientists who were frequently using their hands but barely had clean running water for their hands.

Today, her simple but ingenious invention is doing the world a great service, and saving many lives.

Washing of hands is vital but almost useless if not done the right way, she tells Ghanaweb. Rather than cleaning germs off your hands, you end up contaminating your hands and spreading diseases to others when it is not done the right way.

To ensure hand washing is done and in the right way, especially in these dire times, Mrs. Veronica Bekoe, took her time to take the team through the RIGHT HANDWASHING PROCESS, using the VERONICA BUCKETS.

Watch here:

Report by Wonder Ami Hagan

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