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General News of Saturday, 6 October 2007


How Minister Was Exposed In $10,000 frame up


It was like a liar whose pants was on fire. It was a carefully orchestrated frame-up which went horribly wrong. Kwamena Bartels, Interior Minister and Member of Parliament for Ablekuma North, could not help it but scream "Jesus Christ"

Alas! After several months of planning to frame-up Enquirer's Editor-In-Chief, Raymond Archer over a $10,000 blackmail charge, everything collapsed within a twinkle of an eye. And it all happened before a team of Enquirer investigators and his soft spoken and gentle lawyer.

It was the day everything went so wrong that, even the Minister's own alibi, whom the Minister claimed had been sent by Mr. Archer to collect $10,000 to drop an explosive story about him denied having such a discussion and told him "oh please don’t do this"

Investigations conducted by the Enquirer, has revealed that sensing that the Enquirer was about to do an explosive story which borders on his conduct as Minister of State, Bartels had a discussion with a female journalist friend of his over how best to counter the potentially worrying publication, "Kill the story" or in the words of the female journalist "go after Raymond Archer"

As tape recordings currently in the possession of the Enquirer reveals that the Minister had at least two meetings with his female journalist about the possibility of recruiting mercenary journalists to attack Raymond Archer's integrity if he begins to run the story.

Last Thursday, when everything began to unfold. It all started last Thursday, when The Enquirer's Editor-In-Chief, Raymond Archer together with his news editor went to Kwamena Bartels office for an interview following a letter from his lawyers asking for that meeting regarding an explosive story The Enquirer has been investigating for the past one year.

After almost an hour of questions and answers, the interview session came to a close, with the Editor-In-Chief, excited about the conclusion of his one year project.

A visibly worried Bartels who insisted on recording the interview chose to make some closing remarks to crown the session, a remark which later opened a can of worms and later revealed the true nature and character of the man we have entrusted with the security of the nation.

"You see, journalists in this country have become a whole group of people. Do You know a lady called Vida Tawiah?" Bartels asked Raymond Archer.

"Vida Tawiah, No" Raymond Archer answered.

"You sure you don’t know any journalist Vida Tawaih? You sent Vida Tawiah to come and collect $10,000 from me because you promised that if I gave you $10,000, Well I recorded her."

Visibly shocked by the new twist the Minister was giving the story, Mr. Archer asked "Me? Hahahahahaha!, where does she work?" but the Minister did not answer the question.

Raymond Archer who was beginning to boil, tried to speak but the Minister interrupted saying "No, No, you know some of you have been living on blackmail, you have been living on blackmail"

The Enquirer's Editor-In-Chief then cut in and said, "Hon. Minister, there have been several people who have gone to press conferences in the name of the Enquirer and who have done so many other things. I have no clue , there are times when people call me and I had to rush there, there are other times when I had to rush to the press center because somebody had gone to ask a question and identified herself as being from the Enquirer, I am sure it is the same girl" before he could land, Bartels who was busy recording his allegations on tape said again "You sent Vida Tawiah to, I have got her number, I will give her number to you. I got the BNI"

At this point, The Editor-In-Chief who could not believe what Bartels was saying bust into laughter and said, Hon. Minister listen, I am telling you" but the Minister cut in again and "this is the kind of journalism we are getting in this country?"

But Raymond Archer told him, that he had no clue about the lady in question and that he had neither seen, spoken to her, nor ever had an interaction with the so called blackmail messenger.

At this point, Raymond who was almost losing control of his temper said, "I am here, if you like call right now on the phone. I am here, Raymond Archer is here, let her talk to me that I sent her, I haven't seen any woman like that and I can tell you, this is not the kind of journalism I do, there is no way I will ever collect money or bribe from anybody, in my book it just doesn't happen. I can tell you from today, I have never taken money from a single person for a story. I have options, Hon. Minister journalism is what I do, I do so many other things that can earn me $10,000 so please"

But Bartels said he refused to giver her the money but said he taped his female journalist friend. "I recorded her, he reiterated.

But Mr. Archer insisted that Hon. Bartels should call the said Vida Tawiah for a confrontation saying "You call her"

Finally Hon, Bartels called the said Vida Tawiah, what came out of the phone call and later events was a shocker.

Hon. Bartels: "Vida, this is Kwamena Bartels, your Raymond Archer is here. Your Raymond Archer man is here"

Vida: Raymond Archer? He is what?

At this time, Raymond Archer snatched the phone from Hon. Bartels and spoke to the "Vida Tawiah" on a speaker phone.

Raymond: "Hello Vida Tawiah, Hello madam, My name is Raymond Archer Do you know me?"
Vida: Yes, how are you
Raymond: "Am fine thank you. Do you know me?
Vida: We have not met personally.
Raymond: Have I ever spoken to you
Vida: No
Raymond: Did I send you to Hon. Bartels
Vida: No you haven’t done that
Raymond: Did I send you to go and collect $10,000 for me? Did I send you to Hon. Bartels to go and collect money on my behalf.
Mr. Archer whose anger had reached its zenith then woke up and gave the phone to Hon. Bartels who said to Vida Tawiah "Didn't you come and talk to me that Raymond Archer had sent you to come and collect $10,000.
Vida: No may be you did not hear me correctly.
"JESUS CHRIST" Bartels shouted.
Vida: I did mention Raymond Archer's name but I didn't say that he was the one that asked me to come. I told you that it was somebody, a friend of mine who you said why do I trust him so much. And if you recall, I never said it was Raymond Archer who asked me to come. Hon. Bartels: Suddenly you are singing a totally different new song.
Vida: Say again
Hon. Bartels: You are singing a totally new song.
Vida: Oh Please don’t do this.
Stay tuned for exclusive tape of how Bartels plotted this frame up