General News of Thursday, 15 November 2012

Source: Al-Hajj

“How Can Otabil Collect Our Tithes & Call Us Evil?”

-ICGC NDC Members Ask

Pastor Mensa Otabil may have thought that he was pulling a Public Relations stunt when he held that needless Press Conference, but he has woken up to the realisation that he has rather ended up sinking his image deeper into the war-mongering and free-lying filth of Nana Akufo-Addo and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Pastor Otabil, who did not address the crunch issues, but rather chose to behave like the NPP serial callers, by pouring invectives on President John Dramani Mahama and the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), is now a subject of derision and public ridicule amongst his own International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) flock.

Seething with rage, and losing his sense of focus, Pastor Mensa Otabil referred to President Mahama and the NDC as “evil forces”, who are pursuing a “Machiavellian” agenda to destroy him.

Mensa Otabil has still not disputed that the voice doing the rounds as his, yet he was busy insulting the NDC for “doctoring” his voice.

In his desperate attempt to do damage control for his NPP, Mensa Otabil has insulted the NDC members among his flock and may end up paying a very high price for his gross indiscretion.

The Informer has received scores of calls from NDC supporters who are members of Otabil’s ICGC. Every caller, who has reached The Informer, did not spare a moment to dig at Pastor Mensa Otabil. One main issue that seems to annoy the NDC members of the ICGC, is the fact that Mensa Otabil has been collecting their tithes and offertories, and yet goes ahead referring to them as “evil” doers. “Since when did he know that we are evil people? If he is a true man of God, why has he been collecting our tithes and collections all these years?” a certain Christie asked rhetorically.

“We are really pained by the words our Pastor used to describe our President and our party, and he has really disappointed us” a certain Alfred said. Speaking with a lot of anger and passion, a woman who claimed to be in her 70s, said she has decided not to worship at ICGC any longer.

“I cannot accept this level of arrogance and insulting behaviour of Pastor Otabil, and I have decided not to be a member of his flock any longer”, the elderly woman has said.

“It is not proper for a man of God to misconduct himself publicly the way Otabil did, and I cannot continue to pay my tithe to his church”, the elderly woman added.

According to some of the callers, they have always known that Pastor Otabil is a strong member of the NPP, but they never imagined that a day will come when the Pastor will openly show his political leaning.

“We know that Pastor Otabil is neck-deep in the affairs of the NPP, but after he openly insulted the NDC, I am no longer going to waste my time listening to him”; another angry caller has said.

“If ‘all die be die’ is a bad thing; it is a bad thing. So why should he preach against ‘all die be die’, and now be turning around to distance himself from his own words? If he is not a man enough to stand by his words, then I don’t consider him fit to be my pastor”; a caller by name Alberta said.

By every stretch of imagination, Pastor Mensa Otabil has done his image a lot of damage via his needless press statement, and it may take a very long time for the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church, to claw back his damaged image.

Pastor Mensa Otabil is certainly in bondage by running away from the truth, and it is only time that will tell whether Otabil will be man enough to stand by the Leadership sermons he has been preaching over the years.