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Religion of Friday, 22 July 2011

Source: Osei-Bonsu, Kwame

Homosexuality is sickness -Pastor

Homosexuality is sickness and not a
human right issue

In any society, when someone is sick that person is sent to hospital
for treatment but we do not call Human Rights, we call an ambulance. There are
Physical and mental diseases. Why do we treat sickness or sicknesses? We do
treat sickness so as to prevent death and suffering. My readers will agree with
me that any disease such as cancer, sexually transmitted disease, skin disease,
and others are all physical diseases and if not treated they result is death.
insanity, schizophrenia, kleptomania and others are mental diseases that need
treatment. Homosexuality is also a mental disease that must be treated. Like
any disease, there are lots of homosexuals who have been treated and they’ve
been cured. I have just one question for both practicing homosexuality and
defenders of homosexuality to answer. What will be the result of the human race
for the next 70 years if every human being starts practicing this abnormal
practice? The answer is that there will not be a single human being left on
this planet. This means the human race will be erased from this planet, period.
Homosexuality does not promote reproduction. We were commanded by Almighty God
who is the maker of this universe to be fruitful and increase in number
(Genesis 9:7).

It is about time for us to call a spade a spade. One of my professors
used to say “don’t be worldly wise and godly ignorant.” Dr. Dan Botterbrodt in
his Biblical Ethics class said that man has renamed sin in the following ways:
Sodomy has been renamed civil union or chosen life style.

Fornication has been renamed living together.
Adultery has been renamed an affair.
Pornography has been renamed freedom of the press.
Premeditated murder has been renamed mental insanity.
Drunkenness has been renamed disease of alcoholism.
Abortion that is classified as murder of an unborn child has been
renamed a woman’s choice.
Burning of a national flag has been renamed freedom of speech.
Profanity or immorality has been renamed entertainment.

I hope my readers will agree with me that civil servant has also been
renamed civil chief executive (district, municipal, or regional chief

Oh the people of Ghana, why are we putting up with this act of sodomy
influence in our society? Why are we allowing this taboo to get its root in Ghana?

Why are we allowing this satanic disease to come to Ghana? Don’t we know that
if we encourage this abominable practice, Almighty God will remove His blessing
on this country and bring a curse on us?

I encourage all Ghanaians as well as friends of Ghana to put preventive
measures to eradicate this deadly disease called homosexuality but not to allow
it to spread throughout the country. Therefore, it is incumbent on the
government, churches, schools, cultural groups, and every institution in Ghana
to rise up to educate our people of the dangers of homosexuality. Those who are
practicing it must be sent for counseling and treatment. Those who are bringing
this atrocious disease must be deported because these people want to wipe out
the people of Ghana so that their agents will take over our dear land Ghana
without anyone here to put out resistance against their aggression.

By Kwame Osei-Bonsu
Ambassador of Jesus Christ