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General News of Sunday, 7 July 2019


History of de Ghanaian 'kente' cloth wey turn iconic symbol of Black race

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Oral history from Bonwire, de Ghanaian village wey produce kente show sey de cloth dey in existence for 377 years now.

One of de great great grandchildren of de original kente maker, Eric Kwarteng reveal give BBC Pidgin sey dema fore fathers come up plus kente after dem see spider dey weave en nest for forest inside during dema hunting expedition.

Kente, which before-before be cloth for just royals come turn national symbol as people wey get high or low status all dey wear sake of de sense of pride Ghanaians dey get from am.

Den times one kente cloth dey fit take one year, eight months, some six months to finish saf, but of late dem fit dey finish am quick small, sake of that kente be expensive

No be just Ghanaians dey love am, over de years de kente come turn iconic symbol for de Black race across de world.

People of African descent all dey use kente for all parts of de world during special occasions like graduation, others dey take make political statement sey dem dey connected to dema African routes den stuff.

More times kente dey feature for movies inside, music videos den stuff especially when Blacks dey inside.

Producers: Usifo Omozokpea and Favour Nunoo.

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