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Entertainment of Saturday, 15 July 2017

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Heartbreaking tribute by late Christopher Opoku’s wife

Letter to My Darling Husband

ChristopherNana Yaw Opoku

My Dear Chris,

About 14yrs ago, I had the pleasure of meeting you, the Luv Fm morning show host “your man Columbus”. You were then following a story for your show, as you told me later.

Then later we met in an internet cafe where I was also researching for my program on Fontonfrom Tv. I said to you, “we ‘ve met again”, but as focused as you were, you did not respond. We sat waiting to use the computers as all the computers then were being used.

As fate would have it when there were free computers for us to use, we sat by each other and that made us exchange views and talk about other things then we exchanged phone numbers.

We called each other and began to talk. You visited me at rehearsals at Asokwa Presby Church, Kumasi where I was the director of the singing group and I was shocked to know how gifted you were musical. You just took over my responsibilities with the choir and made it look natural. I still remember our first duet we sang together titled “You are the love of my life” and how later people thought we were in an amourous relationship at the time, but infact we were just friends who managed to agree with each other.

Days with you at rehearsals both with the choir and at home were treasured moments because they meant that I could look up to you for solutions and could relax around you. Infact you were the man suited for me as I began to think. You became my soul mate and my best friend.

My mum one day asked me, “Vivi na wei de wo ko fa no firi he..?” Meaning .. where did you get this one from? Mum liked you instantly especially with the way you devoured her cooking.

She would every day keep asking of you when she had not seen you around for a while. It was so heart warming and assuring when it became clear that you would be a welcome suitor should you come forward with a marriage proposal. It was, even more, assuring when your family also accepted me even when we were friends and had not yet spoken about getting married.

Around that time, we started going to the Hit Studio to record your first album and that brought us even closer. We were virtually always together. Chris, do you remember the first time we ate the Tuo Zaafi together and you decided to eat the food before chewing meat? I finished all the meat by the time you had finished the food and your disappointment after, made you decide that henceforth we would always eat separately. That was hillarious.

Your love proposal to me was like no other. Shy as you were, you left me in your living room only to text me from another room to say you were in love with me and waited for my response before coming out to see me. Chris, today you know too well the truth; that I couldn’t have said no at that time to something I had been waiting and praying for all the long while. My response was positive and that literally open your deep wells of concern and love for me. You showered me with deep attention and love that I never knew before. When and where again would such affection come with you gone, Chris?

Friends began to question why I choose you over all others. Little did they know that you were the complete, total package meant for me. You were and still are my all in all and meant more to me than words would ever explain. Falling in love with a best friend with lots of common interest, God must have brought us together for a reason.

Nana Yaw, when we tied the knot finally after a year of courtship, we vowed to be togetherr always and everywhere till death would seperate us. Our home was always full of laughter because of your great sense of humour and endless light jokes.

God blessed our union with three beautiful daughters whom you accepted with gratitude and unlike other men, you were grateful to God and never moaned about not having a son. You were the best husband and father ever Chris.

“Your girls”, as you called them love to a fault and will miss your presence and fatherly advice when they are ready to be suitored.

Though you were in the lime light you managed to stay humble and took great care of your home and family. You made time in your busy schedules to teach our children mathematics and now Dora, Christabel and Constance all have their best subject in school as mathematics. Thanks to you .

The year 2017 began well for us when you were still on admission receiving the best care from St Mark’s hospital in Harrow. We fasted and prayed and were so hopeful because we could attest to the fact that God had been with us throughout this journey. The twelve-hour surgery went well as the medical team did all they could to give you a better quality of life. I received a phone call from the hospital on the morning of May 10 to go to the theatre because you had been rushed there. I cried because I could feel your pain and that was too much my love. Everything became dark when I was told upon arrival that your heart had stopped and all effort to restart unsuccessful. How could that be that my one and only love would be gone in a twinkle of an eye? Gone without a word? Gone not to be seen, heard and touched again? How possible, how cruel and wicked living in one moment and dying the next moment could be? “Eiii enti saa na ewiase te..?” Iss 55:8 says .. For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.

Chris, my love, this is not what we discussed and planned for! You have not given your daughters’ hands away in marriage yet ooo.. aa aah aaah..!!! Adi aye me ooo…!!!! Obi man so oo…. Chris!!! Who do I turn to, who do I talk to? What will I say when I find a voice to speak or would anybody understand just my weeping? What shall I say to your family and how do I explain this situation to your friends? We came here against all odds full of hope and assurance of returning the victors now I have to face the story hearers as the vanquished ooo.. Nana Yaw!!!

What shall I tell “your girls” when they ask me of your where abouts? How do they live hence in this far away land without you? Who will be their guard, guide and mentor? Did you bring us here to leave us here all alone and by ourselves?

Does it mean I will never see you walk through our home doors and shout in that baritone voice “Viv darling I am home” again? Chris my love, now I feel so lonely, so empty, so much afraid and clueless without you. How am I now going to take a step in life without your matured fatherly counsel when we had always talked and prayed about everything? When the head of my home is gone who do I take counsel from? When the eyes of the body is gone with the head how much can the hands do? When the voice of the family rest silent who will sing, speak and tell the jokes for the spirits to be lifted in the home? Yiiiieeee Chris.. adi aye me ooooo adi aye me ooooo adi aye me oooo!!

To the early morning gong-gong beater, when you come accross my love in the morning, tell him his food from yesterday still waits for him at the usual place. To the old town crier, when you cry in the market place on the next market day shout the name of my love to come home to speak to his daughters for they miss him. All you here, when you pass by your homes and find my love there, tell him we miss him. He should come home!!

“Columbia”, as I jokingly called you, I miss you already. You will never know the vacuum and the impact of it that you have created for me, your family and the rest of your associates with your demise.

You will forever have a special place in my heart. I know you are with the Lord and in no pain and that knowledge comfort me. How I wish you were here with us without pain and full of your usual loving care but the Lord God of Host, Jehovah Sabboath knows best what He does in His own time and we mortals will never be able to understand it all. Till we meet again my love, till we meet again at the Lord’s feet, I Love you forever!

Damirifua due, due ne amanehunu! Mmarima mu barima due and fare thee well. May your journey home be smooth!!

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