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General News of Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Source: Daily Guide

Hannah Bissiw’s Controversial Twin Mansion

The much-talked-about controversial mansion allegedly being put up by Deputy Minister of Water Resource, Works and Housing, Dr. Hannah Louisa Bissiw at her Techimantia hometown in the Tano South District of the Brong Ahafo Region, continues to attract public interest.

The Daily Guide newspaper took the risk, for public good, to visit Techimantia where the building is located along the Techimantia Derma road, in order to enrich the debate.

An undercover investigation, during which reporters posed as officials of state, established that the mansion is believed to belong to the deputy minister, as residents confirmed she was often seen in and around the project anytime she came to town.

Daily Guide arrived at the premises of the edifice around 6:30am last Friday and met two men who said they were contracted from Accra to fix the doors of the house which was near completion, and confirmed that ‘Madam’ will come around at the weekend to inspect the progress of work.

Hannah Bissiw is eying the Tano South parliamentary seat and sources said the recent dismissal of the DCE was not unconnected d with her parliamentary ambition. Daily Guide sources at the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing claimed that the deputy Minister drew petrol and heavy per diem for her weekly trips to the constituency to further her parliamentary ambition.

A middle-aged woman who lives in the area said she was surprised at the speed with which work was progressing on the twin-mansion because the project started somewhere last year and it was almost complete. Residents in the area said they were more worried that President Mills’ minister did not use the services of local artisans, stressing that all the building materials including the contactors were all brought from Accra.

Daily Guide investigations further established that Dr. Bissiw was expected last weekend to inspect the progress of work. However, a search conducted around indicated that there were no occupants in the house which was near completion, apart from the workers who were busily putting finishing touches to the building.

The structure is a twin-building containing many rooms and a security post with a big compound which is yet to be tiled. Most of the interior works including the floor and roofing tiles have been completed. The building has a solid fence wall with a secured black-iron gate which makes it impossible for by-passers to have a clear view of its artistic features.

Last Wednesday, Daily Searchlight alleged in a report that Dr. Hannah Bissiw had built a multi-bedroom double mansion with blue roofing tiles, wooden panel ceiling and tiled floor at her hometown in Techimantia.

The paper further alleged the “first coat” painted building, sited on a two-plot land, is fully walled and tightly secured by a nicely designed iron gate, stressing that though the building was situated on the outskirts of Techimantia, the Deputy Minister was also alleged to have connected a pipe-borne water to her mansion from a distance of about 500 meters.

The paper alleged that the Youth Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Tano South Constituency, who also acted as the Personal Assistant of the Deputy Minister whenever she visited her hometown, was the one supervising the project which began in July 2010.

However, Dr. Hannah Bissiw has flatly denied building a twin-mansion in Techimantia. She described the Daily Searchlight publication as a pack of lies cooked up by the paper’s Managing Editor, Ken Kurankye, to soil her name and cow her into silence.

Dr. Bissiw, who is reported by the same newspaper to have said that she had no explanation to offer to Ghanaians, told Citi FM that the publication was part of a grand and concerted conspiracy being waged against her by pro-opposition journalists and newspapers. “They should come and show me the two storey-buildings and I will take one of them and give one of them out because I will not need two storey-buildings in the same place. And may be those who build houses should let us know whether from July one can build two-storey buildings. She said.

She said her secretary received a call from a Daily Searchlight reporter who wanted to know what stage her building project had reached. But she said her secretary did not cooperate because she could not cross-check the identity of the caller. “Then the next day I heard this story that I had grabbed two mansions in my hometown. “People like Ken Kurankye and his cahoots sell me.

They sell lies, they breath and live, taste and walk lies so that’s what they live on. May be if he had not written that story, he couldn’t have sold his newspaper that day. So I am glad that Hannah Bissiw can feed him and his cahoots as well as that reporter who did it. I have received so many calls from my hometown and they are saying that the person should come and show them the house because some of them are interested in living in storey-buildings,” she said.