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H.E.Bawuah-Edusei Officially Welcomed To USA
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Photo Page of Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Source: GH Page

H.E.Bawuah-Edusei Officially Welcomed To USA

Ghana's Ambassador to USA, His Excellency; Dr. Kwame Bawuah-Edusei presented his letters of credence to President Bush yesterday and in celebrating his welcome as the new Ambassador, he met the Ghanaian community later in the evening at a reception organized in his honour at the Chancery, Washington, DC.

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Almighty God for giving me this opportunity to serve my motherland, Ghana, as he said in his first official address. He thanked his parents for instilling positive thinking in him and his brother; Kwabena Edusei for bringing him to the USA. H. E. Bawuah-Edusei also took the opportunity to express his appreciation to the President; His Excellency, J. A.
Kufour, "for his insight and persistence despite my early relunctance to accept an appointment in Public Service". He also extended his profound gratitude to the Ghanaian Diaspora for their unflinching and varying support.

Looking confident and excited to meet the members of the community, H.
E. Bawuah-Edusei touched on various economic initiatives which included; Debt Relief, AGOA, MCA e.t.c which will no doubt buttress Ghana's economic development efforts as a nation. He called on the US government for further economic engagement. He said we are fully ready to facilitate the forging of effective and pragmatic partnerships between the private sectors of both countries to create jobs and eliminate poverty and to realize the objective of attaining middle income status in the not too distant future. He also mentioned that as a Ghanaian Diasporan himself, he knows we form part of this economic partnership.

Among the highlights of his evening remarks which draw a huge round of applause were; his commitment to facilitate the process of economic emancipation our country, the economic and social empowerment of Ghanaian Diasporans to form a solid foundation, 'We intend to lead the new Africa again in economic development". A yearly graduation ceremony for Diasporan children at the chancery. He continued; "We will use this opportunity to instill our good cultural values and organize career counselling"

The Ambassador said he will help organize Ghanaian Diasporan business executives to network, educate themselves and share good practices so they can be in a better position to partner with their US counterparts to precipitate small and medium enterprises in Ghana and US. The first Wednesday afternoon of every month will be dedicated to meet willing Ghanaians to promote business, (his schedule permitting). This is open door policy will continue in bi-annual Town Hall Meetings with the Ghanaian Community; "The Embassy intends to take the bull by the horn in promoting economic diplomacy and will organize business promotion events across all the USA". He added.

Finally, he also intends to review the Skills Bank project to facilitate BRAIN CIRCULATION towards Ghana's development. He challenged all Ghanaians and Friends of Ghana to respond to this kind.

The Ambassador after his speech received another round of applause and many attendees had the honour of taking photos and welcoming him officially. Many community leaders present were also impressed with his remarks and promised to work together with him to form the economic and social empowerment he stated in his remarks.

Among the noted personalities in attendance who also welcomed H. E.
Bawuah-Edusei were; Ambassador John Danilovich , CEO, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Ms Bernadette B. Paolo, Esq., Vice President, The Africa Society, Business executives and some members of COGA.

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