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General News of Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Source: Stephanie Birikorang, Contributor

Guidelines for schools to reopen in Ghana – GoodAire Africa

The World Health Organisation has said it is not recommended for children from zero to five years to wear face mask, as it can interfere with their psychosocial development.

“From zero to five years of age, we do not recommend the wearing of masks because it could interfere with the psychosocial development of these children, and for this age group they have not acquired some motor autonomy in the management of the mask and are in a phase of psychomotor development.

Any child who has symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 should wear a medical mask, as long as they can tolerate it. The child should be isolated, and medical advice sought as soon as they start to feel unwell, even if symptoms are mild. Family members/caregivers who come within 1 metre of the sick child at home should also wear a mask.


Concern #1: “Wearing a mask is so impersonal! Won’t my kid be frightened or even traumatized by being around masked people all day?”

Concern #2: “Won’t masks interfere with communication? How will my kid read emotions or even hear the teacher clearly through masks?

Concern #3: “Won’t masks be a distraction? How can kids and teachers concentrate on education if the teacher has to spend all day policing kids about wearing masks?”

Concern #4: “I have trouble getting my kids to put their shoes on. How am I going to get them to wear masks?”

Concern #5: “I see adults wearing masks incorrectly. How are kids going to do it right?

Even with good instruction, kids are still going to make mistakes about wearing masks. They’ll forget and touch the front of their masks or even put their hands under their masks to scratch an itch or pick their nose. But imperfect mask-wearing is still far, far safer for everyone than not wearing masks, especially when used along with good hand-washing and social distancing practices.

Families are facing difficult decisions about how their children will be educated in the fall.

For these concerns from parents and the community we have come out with a solution to help fight against the virus, secure the environment against all pathogens and at the same time make the kids feel comfortable in the their learning environments using GoodAire Sanz Humidifiers with Chlorine dioxide which will sanitize the whole environment against all viral infections and create an enabling environment for studies. With the GoodAire Sanz Humidifier children can now disinfect their hands, pens, erasers and toys on their own. Teachers and non-teaching staffs can also disinfect their mask regularly. With one device in each classroom, personal contacts, involuntary coughing and sneezing will not remain means of virus transmission. Students can now play and interact with each other without any infection.

The GoodAire Sanz makes disinfection and sanitization very easy and simple.

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