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Regional News of Saturday, 25 January 2014

Source: Pravdaradioonline

Group chastises government over Adjei Kojo demolition

A pressure group calling itself Citizens Awake Forum has descended heavily on the government for rendering thousands of Ghanaians homeless following the demolition of homes and properties at Adjei Kojo Promise Land in the Tema West Constituency. Thousands of residents were misplaced on Wednesday January 22, 2014 when the Tema Development Council razed down several buildings in the process of reclaiming the land.
Member of Parliament for the area, Irene Naa Torshie Addo has expressed extreme outrage over the exercise and has even threatened legal action.
In a statement copied to Pravda News and signed by its Executive Director, Ernest Kojo Smith described the demolition by government as intriguing.
Here is the full statement:
“As the days go by, series of terrible events keep unfolding in this country. So to speak, the entire members of Citizens Awake Forum (CAF) are so disappointed in the government of the demolition exercise which has rendered some Ghanaians homeless.
More importantly, the act was totally uncalled for and was designed to traumatize the resident to their grave.
Where are we heading towards as a country? Was it a crime that Ghanaians voted for this government? Someone should speak because CAF finds it difficult to understand why the government is being so wicked to extent of pulling down structures which cost about millions of cedis.
In the case of residents in Adjei Kojo, the incidence was so horrible. Upon seeing the victims wailing and mourning over the destruction of their properties, no one would tell you how melancholic and frustrated they have been subjected into. In the end, one was tempted to ask whether the government has put in place measures to house these displaced lives.
Meanwhile, some of these victims legally have documentation on their properties approved by the same government at a fee. In essence, development on the land was possible.
However, we find it a bit intriguing that the same government who issued authorization ends up rendering the people homeless. The question is was the government not aware of the development in these communities.
More so, upon the authorization, did the government really had in mind to develop those areas? If so, why the government did issued approval to these individuals at a cost.
Do you know how it is to lose a five bedroom and over in this economic hardships. It is difficult to build a democracy when daily living is a struggle.
It is rather unfortunate that in a challenging period where the ordinary Ghanaian struggles to make a living is where the government keeps on frustrating the very people who installed this government.
We know demolition is an ongoing exercise in every government but in this case the government has not learned anything and have not forgotten anything. IF NOT, THE GOVERNMENT WOULD HAVE LEARNT A LESSON FROM THE KMA DEMOLITION EXERCISE IN 2011 OF WHICH THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE COMMERCIAL DIVISION KUMASI ON THE 31ST DAY OF OCTOBER 2013 ORDERED THAT 2,713,900 JUDGMENTS BE MADE TO THE PLAINTIFF.
Our message to the government is very loud and clear. That our main problem in Ghana is that of shelter and with the economic hardships we face as a country, the government should have the citizenry at heart and not displaced lives as a result of demolition exercise”