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General News of Monday, 15 October 2018


Ghanaian leaders don't care about the youth - A Plus on Chinese A1 bread acquisition

Musician and satirist, Kwame Asare Obeng (A Plus) has said leaders of the country would support local businesses on merit if they were keen on making the lives of the people better.

His comment was a direct reaction to news of a possible acquisition of A1 Bakeries by a foreign company.

Last week, reports were rife that A1 Bakeries will soon be acquired by a Chinese company for an amount of five million dollars ($5m).

The news sparked conversations with many asking why management would nod to the offer.

As someone who believes in local enterprises, A Plus suggested that government would move to offer assistance to A1 Bakeries if it had the interest of the youth at heart.

"Ghana leaders, obiaaa behu mo one by one. You don't care about the youth. You don't care about your people. You don't help your own," the concluding part of his Facebook post read.

The post was made alongside a photograph of A Plus and Edward Nana Poku (Hammer) who is the Vice President and stakeholder of A1 Bakeries and a transcription of a conversation which ensued between them ragarding the sale of the firm.

Below is his full post

So I met with Hammer to try and discourage them not to sell A1 bread to the Chinese. First of all let me state clearly that I'm anti China. Even if I hear you want to sell your provision shop to a Chinese I'll try to convince you not to. Americans and Europeans have been here for over 400 years but we still had beautiful rivers. Chinese came here and in less than 10 years almost everything was destroyed. I don't want Chinese taking over our bauxite, digital TV, gold, etc. Soon they will take over the kenkey at Yamoransa and Chi Hu Chai will be Ghana black stars captains. Memp? China w? Ghana.

Ok so here are some of the question I asked. I put to him.

Ques 1: Hammer have you guys spoken with the one district one factory secretariat about A1 bread?

Ans: You and I know government support doesn’t find u by merit massa. It finds u by who u knw. Otherwise massa bureaucracy will break your moral and you’ll realize you’ve wasted your valuable time.

Ques 2: Have you spoken with the ministry for trade and industry.

Ans: I hear Carlos is the real deal, can u introduce us?

Ques 3: Ah but hammer the speaker of Parliament is your direct uncle.. why haven’t u spoken to him or the the president.

Ans: massa I don’t like abusing my privilege... considering what we have done in this country, we should be granted audiences by merit not through family and friends.

Ques 4: You employ over a thousand young people directly and indirectly, have you spoken with the youth employment authority?

Ans: Yea man. Kodua and Lydia (his deputy) Have spoken with us. They are great guys.

Ques 5: Apart from YEA, why haven't you spoken with any other government institution and agency

Ans: Plus like I said, womo bebu wabemu. nothing works in Ghana. No one is ready to support anybody. We have over one thousand direct and indirect employees and majority are young people... I’d hope Ghana being a serious country we would have been approached by now. Look Plus, where was everyone when a 30yr old citizen of this country was having sleepless nights facing the financial woes of doing business here all by himself. I've witnessed this selfless guy sacrifice his own livelihood and comfort so the business can expand, grow smoothly and employ as many Ghanaians as posible.

Me: Ghana leaders, obiaaa behu mo one by one. You don't care about the youth. You don't care about your people. You don't help your own.