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General News of Thursday, 23 March 2017


Ghana youth for change and development fingers NDC over Volta region secessionists

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Members of the Ghana Youth For Change and Development have indicated strongly their belief that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is behind the Volta Region Secessionists who have risen up to secede from Ghana.

The group in a communique signed and issued by Mr Fred Quainoo, its President and other executives, said any attempt by any group to secede from the state of Ghana is treasonable and a vicious attack on the country.
The group’s position stems from the various comments of officials of NDC and their agents on various platforms over the campaign of secession from Ghana by the so called Homeland Study Group.

“We hold little doubt that NDC as a party is a sponsor of the group. We further believe that the activities of the group are political and intended to destabilize the NPP government,” the group sated.

According to them, the Homeland Study Group had in the past dissociated itself from any attempt to secede from Ghana and said they only wanted their region to be recognized as a separate state in union with Ghana.

“The Homeland Study Group is not calling for Western Togoland to break away; it’s not even secession. Why has the group changed its tone after the NDC lost power? Why is the group suddenly calling for a secession from Ghana. We therefore call on the NDC as a matter of urgency and for the unity of the country, to denounce the group which appears to be acting in their stead,” the group charged.

Ghana Youth For Change and Development also in their communique indicated that the appointment of 110 Ministers by President Akufo-Addo was a laudable idea since according to them, extraordinary circumstances demand extraordinary measures.

“It is a fact that our country is currently faced with harsh economic conditions. Throughout Ghana’s 4th Republic, appointment of ministers have averaged 85. One shudder to ask, what achievement has this limited number of ministers delivered to us? We therefore believe the new government, having won overwhelming trust of the people of Ghana, has a duty to deliver on its manifesto pledges.

Being mindful of the manifesto pledges, they have appointed 110 of ministers they believe can help deliver on their promises. Majority of these ministers are already parliamentarians and therefore any extra burden on the tax-payer is almost negligible,” the group maintained.

They also expressed support for the creation of New Regions and said re-organising regions should not only be about creating more regions but also giving various regions administrative powers in a unitary state.

It said government must begin by converting regional ministers into regional governors and devolving more powers to various regions and districts and that Regional Councils be formed with elected MMDCE’s and this council should form the core of decision making in the various regions.

They also hold the opinion that the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives should be opened to all Ghanaians from all political persuasions, variance to the government’s white paper on the recommendations of the Constitutional Review Commission where the President was to choose five people and elections be held on them.

They believe that this system of granting the President powers to suspend or remove MMDCE’s is widely practice in democracies around the globe.
Ghana Youth For Change and Development said the construction of a national cathedral and the national mosque is a sign of nationalism.

“In these national monuments, prayers will be offered for our country, for our leaders to show wisdom in decisions, prosperity of our economy and safety within our borders.”