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General News of Friday, 7 September 2018


Ghana should prepare for a revolution in shortest possible time - Nunoo-Mensah

Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, a Former National Security Advisor, and a retired soldier, has called on Ghanaians to prepare for a revolution due to the current rate of unemployment, economic hardship, failed leadership and corruption in Ghana.

He cautioned Ghanaians not to underestimate the possibility of the uprising like the one, which occurred in Pakistan and Cuba in the late 80’s and 50s respectively.

According to him, Ghanaians are fond of disregarding such occurrences but the retired military capo says the era for the revolution is fast approaching and if care is not taking, we would be shocked because ''Ghana is waiting to explode''.

The youth in Ghana he observed are fed up with the increasing rate of corruption, and lavish spending by political leaders in power despite the hardship in the country. The youth will soon hit the streets to protest against the incompetence and mismanagement in Ghana, he warned.

"Ghanaians are tired and they will explode. Don’t tell me they cannot do something about it. Poverty is on the rise and yet our political leaders have ignored the poor. We have Ghanaians who cannot afford basic square meals and yet they have been ignored…People are buying land cruisers when Ghanaians are suffering […] we have economists and learned people in Ghana and yet we do things as if we are unlearned. We don’t care about the people and yet we buy land cruisers.’’

Following a long period of tumult, a radical coalition—led by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan—brought down the military regime of Field Marshal Ayub Khan, just as it was celebrating its tenth “glorious” anniversary.

Students soon joined by workers and later by virtually every subaltern social stratum (including sex workers), took on the state apparatus of a corrupt and decaying military dictatorship created and backed by the United States.

They were joined by workers, lawyers, white-collar employees, and, despite severe repression, they won. Cuban Revolution. The Cuban Revolution(Spanish: Revolución cubana) was an armed revoltconducted by Fidel Castro's revolutionary 26th ofJuly Movement and its allies against the authoritarian government of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista. ... 26 July 1959 is celebrated in Cuba as the Day of theRevolution. These two histories General Nunoo-Mensah said would be replicated in Ghana in the shortest possible time should leaders fail to address the problems.

He is looking forward to see Ghana great again but ''the current leaders we have today cannot make Ghana great again. There are incompetent,. They lack the vision.Filth has engulfed the state. Nothing is working in Ghana. Nobody is working and yet we lack the courage to speak the truth because it is too bitter.''

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