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General News of Tuesday, 24 November 2020


Ghana is not the gateway to Africa - International Diplomatic Consultant

International Diplomatic Consultant Farouk Al-Wahab International Diplomatic Consultant Farouk Al-Wahab

International Diplomatic Consultant Farouk Al-Wahab has stated that he does not agree with the saying Ghana is the gateway to Africa.

According to him, “Our biggest problem as a country is how we sell our issues to other countries. Because of the way we sell our problems, they tend to take advantage of what they know about us and ride on our glory”.

He made this statement in an interview with Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii Show.

He believes that Ghana as compared to other countries, “Is a solid country in terms of unity and overall national security. But our shortfalls as a country is that we talk too much”.

“We claim to be the beacon of democracy and the gateway to Africa but yet, we still keep allowing foreigners into our country to make use of our knowledge and resources to make their countries better leaving us marking time”.

Moving on, he added that most countries have leveraged on us to become successful and yet still we cannot make any progress because “We do not see ourselves as landlords but we see ourselves as watchmen”.

Regardless of Ghana’s shortfalls, Farouk Al-Wahab believes the participation of Ghana in world affairs has put Ghana on the world map and said, “Ghana is the landowner of Africa”.

Explaining the statement he motioned, “Ghana is the only country that has consistently had non-African countries look for us to resonate on their behalf. Through us, they are seen as international partners and such countries who have done that are, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria.

He asked leaders to change the ‘Gateway to Africa’ tag because it does not resonate and reflect where we are now as a country.