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Opinions of Sunday, 29 August 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

Ghana is doing FINE: Screw you Standard & Poor’s

Recently, Standard & Poor’s, decided that Ghana deserves a lowered rating because of “large fiscal deficits and a lack of clarity on oil-industry laws”. What??? That is precisely what I thought to myself when I was reading that trash. I did some research and realized this corrupt organization is now out of the mainstream because of their actions with regard to the CDO(collateralized debt obligation ) were basically their poor predictions caused many people to lose a lot of money… This is not the point of this article, rather this article is about the fact that this is a clear example of the Neo-Colonial forces who will praise you when you sell your heritage and, condemn you when you seek to protect your interests.

There is nothing that irritates me more than these silly ratings. Every now and then, we read this trash and, some chose to believe it and, shout praises or insults because of it. People even use this to play NPP and NDC politics. In reality this has nothing to do with the NDC or NPP rather, it has everything to do with Neo-colonialism and, pushing ideologies which will benefit rich corporations while the masses of people living in the country suffers. Thus, even though I have been a critic of the Mills Administration, I hold nothing against him because of this rating.

That is to say, the Mills administration has actually lowered the deficit and, has been using a low spending approach which may be controversial but, has yielded lower inflation(the overall benefit to the economy is debatable). What is clear, is the fact that Dr. Duffour under the guidance of Prof. Mills has been looking to improve the lot of Ghanaians by letting all know that when in Ghana one must follow the rules and, your being in Ghana must benefit the Ghanaian people more than you, a non- Ghanaian. This is common practice around the world were every country looks out for its own interests. What this means for Ghanaians is the fact that the days of old 1965-2008 when people simply came and, got rich off Ghanaians may be over if Mills is successful. The real problem is; there may be Neo-Colonial agents working against Mills. Thus, it must be asked: Why is Standard and Poor’s bringing us this message?

The message in my estimation is simply a means to tell us that we need to keep the colonial culture of selling everything to outsiders for basically free or, risk an even lower rating in the future… This is comical and, a threat that should not faze any leader of integrity. I hope Dr. Mills has the integrity to let “Standard & Poor’s” know that their useless rating means nothing to us. That is to say, we are focused on things like water, electricity, sanitation, Education etc etc. This is what will ultimately help Ghana. Thus, what Ghana needs most is money: Is it not best if we get the most from our resources to get that money?

Yes it is in my estimation; the only “lack of Clarity on the oil industry” that exists is from greedy capitalist agents who want to build generational wealth off the heritage of the Ghanaian people. This must be fought through all legitimate means because; once you sell your heritage you become a slave in your own country. No western country signs oil deals like we have. No western country signs gold deals like we have were the MOST profit Ghana can get with taxes is 33 percent of the revenue while 66 percent of the revenue (our heritage) is used as a means to create generational wealth for non Ghanaians.

Thus, my message to Standard & Poor’s is simple. You don’t care about our interests and, could care less about our heritage thus, if your are going to give an opinion keep in mind that the old days where opinions like yours were used to run propaganda are over… Simply put, to the enlightened amongst us, you are simply a joke..

Penname: Transient Justice