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Sports Features of Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah

Ghana Sports has the most disgraced minister

Nii Lante VandepuiyeNii Lante Vandepuiye

Who ever appointed Nii Lantey Vanderpuye, as a Sports Minister in this country has committed a great sin to this country.

Nii Lantey, has proven to be the worse Sports Minister Ghana has ever had.The agenda he has set against the Football Association has completely defamed his thought of thinking and the adage that says, "when a man start thinking bad, his conscience becomes that of a child" is a justifiable wise saying indeed.

Nii Lantey's intention of derailing the progress of Ghana Football Association has become full glared for all to see. A minister, who should admit the mistake or the blame for the failure of Black Satellite qualification, wants to apportion the blame on the FA that they wanted him to pay bribe for the team's qualification.

How can a learned Minister talk like this or he thinks the national team belongs to the FA?

By making that comment, what was he implying to the outside world and even FIFA- that the FA pays bribe for a tournament qualification?

Nii Lantey, is a backbiter of a personality who wants the people of Ghana to hail him as the best Sports Minister,no wonder he released some documents to the public that his predecessor paid bribe to beat Egypt.He wants to achieve greatness by tarnishing others image and any person who does that, to me is a wizard.

President Mahama must sack or reshuffle him immediately because he is a threat to all the national teams progress.I fear for Black Stars now because he has decided to block all the ways the FA uses to motivate the national teams qualification.

How can a minister say such things about the FA, knowing the progress of the national teams benefit the government the most - i their election campaign.

l have said before that,under this Sport Minister, Ghana will win nothing at world stage; not only Football, even the Olympic Games.He wants to bring all that transpires between him and the FA to the public to make them unpopular.

President Mahama, must act now else he wont get any good results from Sports for his campaign.

Nii Lantey, doesn't deserve the position of a Minister, because he is a man who talks raw; even class two pupil would not say this in public knowing very well the team success is for the betterment of the whole country and glory for himself as well.

Nii Lantey, wants to prove to us that, he is not corrupt but l remember when he was working at GBC, he would only go for regional commentary when he has taken token before.He should repent his ways because he is scoring zero points for the NDC government because of some bad utterances.l am done.

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