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Opinions of Sunday, 4 November 2012

Columnist: Okai-Gyau, Moses Vincent

Ghana First

Every step we take as a people, we must remember that ; Ghana First
Everything we do as a nation, we should not lose sight of the fact that; our Nation First
Every word that comes out of our mouth, we must consider that, Country First
Every decision that we take as citizens, we must pause to know that; Ghana comes First
In all our actions and inactions,we must take posterity into consideration and say Ghana First
In all our dealings, small or big, we must do well to put Mother Ghana First
Every business that we set up to make a living, we must see to it that, Ghana is placed First
Being a Farmer or a fisherman please endeavour to put Ghana first
Being a carver or a carpenter let us make Ghana First
Being a pilot or a policeman Mother Ghana First
Being a teacher or a preacher we should not deny the desire to put Ghana First
Being a politician or a statistician we must serve to put Ghana First

Ghana First means unity and reconciliation
Ghana First means responsibilty
Ghana First means accountabilty
Ghana First means probity
Ghana First means hardwork
Ghana First means sacrifice
Ghana First means progress
Ghana First means selfless service to the people
Ghana First means justice and law-abiding
Ghana First means honesty
Ghana First means tranquility
Ghana First means understanding
Ghana first means Forgiveness
Ghana First means political indvisibility
Ghana First means PEACE and LOVE
It is in the light of the above that I want to entreat all Ghanaians to put Ghana First to bring about PEACE
and tranquility in our forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.
PEACE gives birth to DEVELOPMENT and Develoment thrives and bear good fruits in the garden of PEACE
and TRANQUILITY. Let us endeavour to give PEACE a chance in all our dealings.
Irrespective of or political divide, let us give peace a chance
Irrespective of our cultural diversity, let us give peace chance
Despite all our differences in language and tradition we must forever remember that we are one nation,

one people with one destiny and a common goal to build mother Ghana for posterity.

Thank you very much and may GOD bless us all with His PEACE that surpasses all understanding as a nation for progress and development.

Concerned citizen,

Okai-Gyau Moses Vincent