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General News of Thursday, 27 March 2014

Source: aL-hAJJ

Flagstaff House Power Play

Prez’s secretary in big trouble

-Plot to chase out Atuguba intensify

The naked power play at Ghana’s seat of government since the swearing of President John Dramani Mahama on January 7, 2013, has gradually blossom to an ugly height as key actors are now damning the consequences, taking the nauseating fight to the media.

Dangerous as this turf conquering agenda is, The al-hAJJ has picked up intelligence about how some notable functionaries at the Flag Staff House are on suicidal warpath to do each other in.

The biggest casualty on the plate in the ongoing chess game at the Flagstaff House is no other than the Executive Secretary to the President, Dr Raymond Atuguba.

His ‘opponents’ The aL-hAJJ has gathered are said to have plan resorting to planting of image denting stories in the media to discredit him and speed up his exit from office.

According to information reaching this paper from the Executive House, the Harvard trained Human Rights and Constitutional Lawyer’s nemeses in the turf war, after failing to have him to relinquish his enviable position through all manner of frustrations, have now sought refuge in some friendly media houses to deal with the quiet and unassuming Raymond Atuguba.

Indeed, a source at the seat of government told The aL-hAJJ, Raymond Atuguba’s “opponents” nearly succeeded in pushing him out, but for the resolute stands of President Mahama, who was said to have prevailed on the former Secretary to the Constitutional Review Commission on countless occasions not to jump ship.

Information has it that those behind this dastardly act with support from their media allies will in the coming days start flying stories of financial impropriety, corruption, infidelity and amorous relations among others on the part of the fine and young technocrat.

Reports are that since President Mahama assembled his team of handlers who were highly expected to work in sync to achieving the President’s vision, the Flag Staff House has never ceased to boil over who becomes the most trusted and respected figure after the President and the vice President.

This unhealthy and sad specter was said to have compelled Dr Raymond Atuguba to want to call it quit on numerous instances and return to the Law Faculty at the University of Ghana where he has been lecturer prior to his appointment.

Flag Staff House sources say due to the intensity and enormity of the ongoing bickering at the seat of government, the Executive Secretary to the President who among others managing the affairs of President John Mahama, are being cited as “latter day saints” creating unhealthy relationship between the government and the NDC party, but for the insistence of President Mahama would have long been history so far as the handlers of the President is concern.

Following the numerous abortive attempts to see the astute lawyer’s back, sources told The aL-hAJJ those harboring this crude and diabolic plans are now seeking solace in the selected media houses to do the damage.

The idea is to allege several infectious acts of immorality and corruption against Dr Atuguba, and to whip up public sentiments to demand his resignation.

The aL-hAJJ has intercepted names of functionaries allegedly behind this diabolic plot which is also likely to embarrass President Mahama, however, the paper is keeping it close to its chest and will keep readers posted possibly, in subsequent editions. Stay tuned