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Politics of Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Source: Alf Marshall Agyapong

Feature: NPP Ireland pilgrims back home to Daboya

Bags of rice and sugar were donated to Muslim community in Daboya.Bags of rice and sugar were donated to Muslim community in Daboya.

Sometime ago when the telephone rang in the early winter morning and I queried thus “It is Alf here, may I please know who is on the line? The response reads as in- It is me Samuel Tika Yeyu, NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Daboya-Mankarigu constituency.

Little did we envisage that moment marks the beginning of enviable healthy and special relationship between our two sister branches under aegis of the Elephant Family.

Therefore, NPP Ireland has no truer friend than Daboya-Mankarigu and it echoes in the words of former US President George W Bush, Jr; on the U.S special relations with the State of Israel.

Daboya-Mankarigu Constituency is located in the Northern Region of Ghana. Seemingly, it is one the various constituencies created in 2012.

There are 54 polling stations with 15 Electoral Areas and about 24,314 registered electors. The constituency consists of 5 ethnic groups namely the Gonjas, Hangas, Dogombas, Tampulmas and the Mamprusis.

Nonetheless, having realised that it is Muslims dominated area; it dawned on us during a special executive meeting last month, where forth the body decided to ‘fast and observe’ the Holy Ramadan with our beloved constituents in Daboya-Mankarigu. To this end, we are pleased and humbled to donate some bags of Rice and Sugar to our Muslim brothers on both sides of the political persuasions during this sacred period.

In addition, NPP Ireland has been impacting and cascading capacity building techniques, art of canvassing from door to door, preparations of political leaflets and exchanges of political experiences acquired over the years in Western Europe as bedrock of democratic principles to our counterparts in the constituency.

The NPP Irish branch is actively and keenly involved in Irish Politics. We have established a unique and mutual relationship with FINE GAEL, the ruling Irish government party. Our leader Alf Marshall Agyapong is the Vice Chair of the New Irish arm of this party. Thus ‘exporting’ rich political ideas and above all, ways and means of politicking and electioneering campaign tactic and strategy to Daboya-Mankarigu is at this stage handy and with the view to ensuring a resounding victory at the General Elections. We must stress inter alia NPP Ireland has unfettered access to Cabinet Ministers in our resident State and do normally go on campaign trails with them.

At the recent teleconference meeting between the two branches of our Great Party, the NPP Ireland Chairman, Alf Marshall Agyapong firstly reminded, the faithful about how the Holy Qur’an describes role of the fast especially in Ramadan in these words...For the reason that the fulfilment of this worship [fasting] is, at any rate the exaltation of the Essence of GRACIOUS ALLAH.

He also underscored the importance of timely communication and the need to present a unified front as fundamental in every serious provident organisation. Elections are not won on a silver platter or within a short period of time. Engagement and Connectivity with team building is crucial; and he opines – “when we work harder together, we succeed and win together”.

Thus we should eschew negativism, rancour, divisions, egoism, bickering and avoid unnecessary distractions as there is sanity in the Party at the moment. Our focus hence is articulating the much needed Social Intervention Policies of our Flagbearer and his team to win the political discourse to our camp.
The past wrangling and in-fighting, venom, malignancy and antipathy are all behind NPP family now. Hence, it is incumbent upon all party faithful to work tirelessly to make sure our candidates Nana Akuffo Addo and Muhammad Bawumia partnership is voted into administration to save the suffering masses from the cripples of inept and hardship-inflicted NDC government.

In his response, the Parliamentary Candidate for the Daboya Mankarigu Constituency could not help but full of praises as he expressed heartiest appreciations with acknowledgement for the kind donations from NPP Ireland.

He said, “As a matter of fact the timing could not have been better. The local party stalwarts are extremely delighted as we look forward to cementing our special bond and moving it to the next horizon”. He went on to reassure that he is always with the people and offers constituency clinic every other weekend.

During his intervention, Honourable Malik Adams, the astute and hardworking Secretary of the Irish Branch advised them to be accountable and show genuine sincerity and commitments towards the electorates within their jurisdiction. He emphasised that these days, leaders are elected to serve their people and should not be expected to be worshipped.

Similarly, in her contribution, NPP Ireland Women Organiser who also doubles as Finance Chief, Ms Lynda Ackah encouraged the Daboya-Mankarigu women wing to be active and involved as much as the men in all spheres of activities. Those days when women were last in the queue are gone. Women are the foundations for a nation-building and therefore the essence of our quota contributions cannot be underestimated.

In a climax, Secretary of Daboya Mankarigu Constituency, Mr Adam Eliasu [Red Bawa] was so full of excitements and postulated, “On behalf of my candidate and the entire membership of the constituency, I wish to appreciate your efforts and kind philanthropic spirits. This is a real demonstration of commitment towards team work and we hope our special bond has come to last for good”.

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