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General News of Monday, 11 September 2017

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Feature: Be safe with the GasSafe safety regulator

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Nowadays it will be difficult to locate a home without an LPG gas cylinder and gas regulator for cooking food. But there are some people who are yet not aware of the safety and security of their selves as well as their homes.

In fact, they don’t know whatsoever that the activities they are doing at home can really be dangerous, they are not even aware of the proper usage of LPG gas with the exact regulator. With the rise of usage of LPG gas, the demand, and importance of gas safety device also increased.

Others constantly worry and think whether they have turned the gas cylinder off before leaving home even when they did check twice. The best practice safety advice is that you should never store LPG indoors but it is not always reasonably practicable, due for example to the architectural structure.

While cooking, the work of regulator remains a lot since it transfers the gas from cylinder to the gas burner. Therefore the work of gas regulator is too much risk if any leakage occurs in the regulator or pipe that can be very explosive. Below are features that will help you in choosing the right gas regulator for your cylinder and home.

1. Ensure that it is equipped with an emergency auto shut off facility.

2. Ensure that it saves gas. It is important to have a device that saves gas.

3. It should have a minor leakage testing capability. This helps to reduce the gas wastage and avoids the leakage snowballing into a major one

4. Take a device that indicates a low level of gas in the cylinder. This will always show you the level of your gas.

5. Check the warranty the brand is providing whether it is verifiable.
With Gas Safe at Your Home, You Can Be Sure That Your Family Is Completely Safe.

Gas Safe is a one-time investment to ensure the safety of your home and family from any fire hazards caused due to leakage of LPG cylinder.

As we use a helmet while driving bikes, Gas Safe is also like protection from fire accidents in your kitchen.
The Gas Safe regulator is manufactured in India by GasSsafe India Limited.

1.The Gas Safe regulator is equipped with a Major Leakage Auto Shut Off Facility which will automatically shut off the gas supply from the cylinder when there is a major leakage of gas. The gas leakage may occur either when the regulator is not functioning properly; the tube ruptures, the tube catches fire or if rodents nib the tube.

2.During cooking on high flame, a part of the heat is lost to the surrounding atmosphere and doesn’t play a part in the cooking process. But the Gas Safe regulator reduces the flow of gas without altering the pressure, this ensures that the gas is used efficiently and 100% of the heat generated is utilized in cooking and not wasted.

3.Gas lost due to minor leakages are also eliminated

4.The Manometer plays a dual role as a child safety knob and a gas level indicator. The Gas Safe regulator gauge works on pressure and indicates the quantum of gas in the cylinder; hence it cannot measure the quantum of gas.

So, which means it is just an indicator, not a measuring device. This device is more or less like a fuel indicator of the car, which shows whether there is fuel left and not what quantity of fuel is left that but guides you from running out of gas at the wrong time.

5.The Gas Safe regulator comes with a 3-year warranty. Each Gas Safe regulator has a unique serial number which indicates the date of manufacture and lot number. The warranty card and hand leaflet is included in the box. The manufacturer and distributor address and phone numbers are indicated on the box.

The Gas Safe regulator is very easy to fit and install. It has large a dial to give a clear view of the gas level and shut-off indication and has an open and close tap. You can quickly install it as you don’t need any other tools. You can fit it and forget it till the cylinder gets empty. Gas Safe India has introduced this fire safety regulator based on Bernoulli's principle.

According to the principle as the speed of the fluid or gas increases the pressure of the fluid or gas decreases. When the speed of gas decreases, pressure increases which trigger the movement of the shut-off element against O ring, as a result, shutting off further gas flow.

It is suitable for commercial cylinders when used with standard low-pressure regulator. But it cannot be used on commercial cylinders without reducing the pressure.

The device will not shut off the gas supply if milk boils and spills on the stove and extinguishes the flame but automatically reduce the gas supply. If the gas supply is shut off you will not be able to light the stove.

Feeling safe is a wonderful thing because life is priceless. Be carefree with Gas Safe.

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