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Feature: Angel Abigail With Evil Mind (Part I)
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Diasporian News of Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Source: Okomfu

Feature: Angel Abigail With Evil Mind (Part I)

This is my story and I hope all guys out there will learn a lesson from that bad experience.

I am thirty two years of age based in London. I came to London from Paris in 2002 and decided to keep my promise to my angel I left in Ghana. I [k]new, women are the life wire of a man therefore, having stayed for three years without any lady in my life, I felt soo loney and empty. My resistance to over come my sexual desire started to fade away and I became hopeless.

My then girlfriend motivated me to bring her to London because she has good intentions and really want to have a future with me.

I have two sister in Ghana, so forgoning my own blood and bring my girlfriend to London was like living in a fool's paradise. But, I manage to let my parent understood the situation. The shocking aspect of the darker side of my girlfriend's life was really had to swallow. Guess what? she had a boyfriend from day one I left Ghana, but I had no idea how cruel woman can be. I remember, she posted me a cassette promising she would never, ever let any man have a taste of her. Believing such foolish talk was the start of my downfall. Anyway back to the story.

In 2004 I paid four thousand pounds for a connection man to bring her to london. I thought that was going to mark the start of my happiness however, every feelings waped off when I discovered in a few days from her arrival in london she had a boyfriend. As a matter of fact, I decided to push the issue behind me for a fresh start. Unfortunate for me, I lost my job on the same week. Therefore, I took that advantage to find her, hair dressing work which earned her one hundred and seventy pounds a week and that was where the problem began.

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