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General News of Thursday, 3 November 2011

Source: Catalyst

FONKAR Insults Rawlings

The group, which calls itself Friends of Nana Konadfu Agyemang Rawlings (FONKAR), has been exposed for orchestrating the recent insult of former President Rawlings as a dog. The group has however cleverly attributed the despicable insult to the general Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and has proceeded to subject the NDC scribe to all manner of vilifications.
At a recent press conference held by ‘NDC Youth for the Conviction of Principles,’ a FONKAR appendage group, the NDC general secretary became a target of insults and vilification by them as they claimed that he had called the former president a dog in a recent public speech.
According to the FONKAR group, Mr Aseidu Nketia in the speech at the ceremony held at the Art Centre on the 8th of October 2011 to mark the return of the members of the DFP back to the NDC, referred to the former president as the dog that kept the DFP members away from the NDC.
The Catalyst decided to search the truth and in the process found out that the NDC general secretary made no such statement or allusion in his speech. Rather it has turned out that the insult of the former President was a grand orchestration by FONKAR and its NPP allies who want to see the perpetuation of the acrimony and division within the NDC that preceded the recent Sunyani congress of the party.
The video footage of the programme, a copy which is in the possession of your authoritative, The Catalyst, exposes the blatant falsehood designed by FONKAR and its allies against Mr. Aseidu Nketia, in a bid to tarnish his image by ridiculing the former president and blaming him for it.
A transcription of the NDC general secretary’s speech by The Catalyst contains no such insult or allusion to the former president.
In drawing an analogy of the principled decision by the DFP folks to return to the NDC, the NDC Scribe had this to say.
“You left this party because of your abhorrence for lack of internal democracy in the party. You left the party because of your abhorrence of violence in the conduct of affairs in the NDC. Now you are the best judges and you have testified that the reasons that led you away from NDC no longer exist so I would have seen you as highly unprincipled if you had not taken the decision you have taken today. But thank God I did not have the opportunity to say so. Because I believe that if I’m saying I’m not coming to your house because there is a dog and because you want my friendship and you remove that dog and I continue saying that I still will not come to that house then my initial decision of not coming to your house was not because of the presence of the dog. So I thank you all for doing what you are doing today, it is a very important homecoming.”
How the above quotation constitutes an insult of former president Rawlings as a dog as FONKAR and its NPP allies wants us to believe remains a wonder.
It is now palpably clear that those who are insulting former president Rawlings and calling him unprintable names are FONKAR members with the help of their NPP friends.
It is a sad state of affairs that FONKAR acts as though, they own former President Rawlings and pretend to love him more than everybodyelse.