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Opinions of Friday, 26 February 2021

Columnist: Rockson Adofo

FDA and Ghanaians to watch out for these dangerous encapsulated drugs

A photo of the drug play videoA photo of the drug

To sensitise Ghanaians to the dangers inherent in the quest by some criminals, both home and abroad, to make quick wealth for themselves dealing in medicines, l have resolved to publish this exclusive eye-opener article.

I hope the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) will investigate to ensure whether or not the Living Bitters drugs are healthy for human consumption and if indeed, it treats or cures the disease for which it is assumed to heal.

The capsules of the Living Bitters are suspected to contain not only ground herbs, be they leaves or the bark of trees, but also, something that is unhealthy for human consumption.

From how a user of the drug has demonstrated as per the attached video clip, one may be persuaded to believe that the drug is unwholesome.

Title: Dangerous herbal drug

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