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Health News of Wednesday, 26 May 2021


Eye specialist reveals major causes of short-sightedness in Ghana

Kofi TV screengrab of a person with eye infection Kofi TV screengrab of a person with eye infection

An ophthalmologist and the Chief Executive Officer for Eye Express, Dr. Naa Kowah Agyemfra has revealed that the major cause of short-sightedness is as a result of restricting the eye to a short distance for a longer period.

According to her, myopia as it is called is a common eye condition that is preventable depending on how one takes care of his or her eyes.

Dr. Agyemfra noted that these effects come as a result of focusing on nearby objects such as books and computers for longer periods during childhood.

Speaking on The Sonto Show on EBN Television with Akua Sonto she advised parents, teachers, and guardians to ensure that their child regularly spends time playing outside which may help to reduce the risk of becoming short-sighted.

“Some of the sight challenges are congenital. Others are contracted as we grow as a result of the environment we live in. Refractive errors which include long sightedness and short sightedness.

"Our lifestyles are changing because we live like the west. Our kids are used to computers, mobile phones and others. We restrict our eyes to short things so if there is an object that is far, we strain to see such an object,” she revealed.

She advised that children in particular, balance their lives by ensuring that their lives are not woven around only computers and books but inculcate outdoor activities.

“Encourage your kids to go for outdoor activities. Let your kids play outside the room…play football, play ampe and do gardening so that they can see beyond the short distances.

"If you look at the Asian countries, they all wear glasses because of the nature of their rooms. We can avoid this by changing our lifestyles,” she urged.