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Diasporia News of Friday, 17 June 2011

Source: Mensah Dekportor

Ewe Dukor - Germany Holds Annual Delegates Conference In Bremen

The Ewe Dukor -Germany over the weekend, held its 3rd annual Delegates conference in Bremen. (One of the historical cities of Germany). The 2-day event 11th - 12th of June, 2011 turned the German city into classic jubilation with high attendance of delegates from all the six - member unions from various provinces of Germany. These sub-unions include: Ewe Unions of Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Oberhausen and Monchengladbach. These branches constitute the august umbrella of Ewe Dukor - Germany. Their prime responsibilities are to regularize the activities of these sub-unions and also to enhancing the integration of the German citizens.
The key members are, Mr. Daniel Torkornoo (National President), Dr. Med. Yao Amengoh (National Vice President), Mr. Simon Mensah (General Secretary), Others are, Madam Patience Govina (Financial Secretary), Togbui Philip Avanyoh (Organizing Secretary).
The venue of the program was Juvenile counseling community center (Waller Heerstr. 229) and hosted by Bremen Ewe Union. In an opening ceremony, the President, Mr. Torkornoo addressed the house as he acknowledged the presence of Togbui Cephas Bansah (Traditional Paramount Ewe Chief) as special Guest of honor as well as many other high profile dignitaries.
Mr. Torkornoo began: “I take this opportunity to welcome you all to this historical meeting in Bremen. Yes Bremen had one time being the city of Northern Germany, way back to 1870; their missionary came to West Africa with their religious programmes to Gold Coast now Ghana and Togo land"
He further stated that, the Ewes of today could be lineage of forth or fifth generation that had taken advantages of Christianity and modern education which they (Germans) introduced to the Ewe lands. The President, Mr. Torkornoo reiterated that, "We're not only to serve ourselves but also to help our people back home, Ghana, Togo and Rep. of Benin. We have at our disposal substantial learned people from Ewe land throughout the world. Some are Mathematical Scientist and Astronautical Engineers who are able to work in Cape Kennedy of USA. Yes, the Ewe Men and the Women are doing wonderful. With all these reliable resources, we could build our Native Lands”.
Other speeches read by Togbui Bansah and other invited Guests however summed up that, there's the need of African Nations to be united. Togbui further declared that, "We need to learn from the Germans. They love unity. Unity is power, and the whole world acknowledges German citizens for their unification and solidarity. Therefore, there's the need to eschew tribalism agitated by sensitive remark of insults. For, this would not augur well for the development and progress within the sub-regions; especially, Ghana”.
The National Representative council (sectoral committee) during their meetings adopted resolution that, 2012 National Delegates conference would be held and hosted in Berlin by the branch Union. In light of this, a 12- member ad hoc committee was commissioned to take sole responsibility of its planning. Other resolution include: Request of all union members to foster unity and adopt means of propagating the values of Ewe culture and membership benefits to non-members. The umbrella union shall come out with effective bye-Laws to regulate the attendance of conferences, presentation of Gifts, uniform dues payments etc. The need to adhere to European Time schedules and sponsorship of Ewe radio programs, and subsequent conferences etc.
As tradition demands, Bremen union executives (under the chairmanship of Mr. George Mensah backed by Charles Forson and others) used the occasion to inaugurate their union. In a short but impressive message, he commended the planning committee whose effort has sustained the union as well as the success of this year’s national conference. The inaugural ceremony was performed amidst acrobatic displays, drumming and dancing of various cultural songs- Agbadza, Borborbor and Akpese with butterfly styles and rhythms. It’s obvious that, Ewe entertaining cultural music were previously loved by most Africans, thereafter, the trend changed. However, those participants who had the opportunity to witness Bremen inaugural events would testify that, indeed the glorious era of Ewes have not lost yet.
National flags of Ghana, Togo and Rep. of Benin were displayed to match with respective National Anthems. With high applause by the audience, one could assess that, Ewes have been awakened. The atmosphere defined the intents of "Yes we can" philosophy of USA President Obama. In another development, Togbui Akpabli (Chief of Be- Lome) played an important role as he illustrated per cinema film of the routes and origins of Ewe People. Ashanti and Kwahuman Unions were present to grace the occasion to demonstrate that, Akans and Ewes are of the same family. Platforms were offered to all participants to exercise their democratic rights to express their views.

Report by: Mensah Dekportor. (Hamburg) Tel: 0049(0)1759861348