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Politics of Sunday, 29 September 2019


Eunice Lasi will lead us to dismantle NDC in Sege - NPP Chairman

File photo: The New Patriotic Party File photo: The New Patriotic Party

The Sege constituency Chairman, New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Augustus Adjaotor (Spain) says, the executives will rally behind the winner of the party's primaries to beat the incumbent Member of Parliament in the 2020 general elections.

The chairman who expressed his gratitude to the candidates and delegates said, they very happy to elect a woman as their parliamentary candidate for next year's elections.

Talking to GNA after the primaries, he said, "From the jubilations, you will see that we are all happy. I have to very soon gather all of them so that we can unite and rally, mobilize and take the seat."

Asked about how sure he was that the elected candidate can lead the NPP to wrestle the Sege seat held by the National Democratic Congress(NDC), he said, "Yes, you can see that women are many in the constituency than men; it was also a woman the late Lorline Terkpekie Damengua who stood firm to make the NPP gained grounds here in Sege. The youth also liked Madam Eunice the winner and as we see ourselves as one, I will join the campaign team so that we can wrestle the NDC and take the seat in 2020."

Mr. Divine Otoo Agorhom, the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the Party who was three-time parliamentary candidate for the constituency expressed excitement over the peaceful elections.

"At the end of the day, delegates have spoken and we are now left to unite the party. You can see that the difference between herself and the second on the list is not wide and that indicates that the party appeared divided at the various centres. So, our responsibility now is to unit ourselves and start preparations towards the general elections."

He revealed how the NPP managed to come from nowhere to somewhere in the constituency.

"You know, at first the constituency was a no go area in for the NPP but we have managed to come up and you can just state what we have witnessed appears to be a contest between three aspiring candidates and that tells you that the party is growing here so our expectation is that it will not be an individual effort but the collective effort members of the political party. We have a good number of supporters here and if we are able to bring everybody on board and rally to support her, by the grace of God we should be able to wrestle power from the NDC."

The Ada East District Chief Exscutive, Mr. A. L. Akrofi, told the GNA that he was not surprised on the peaceful elections because it is the same family affair battle.

" I will like to thank God for the successful elections. We have to thank the security for their wonderful support before, during and after the elections. All the aspiring candidates already declared that anyone who wins is a victory for NPP and they will rally behind the person so I think that is what we are going to implement. It is a victory for NPP and victory for Ghana.

The elections

Out of the 373 delegates, 355 were able to vote giving Madam Eunice Lasi a winning pot of 194 votes.

Mr. Peniel Teye Rheina had 17 votes while Madam Lena Baakey Kwao had 143 votes and 1 ballot was counted spoilt.

Madam Eunice Lasi thanked the party executives and delegates saying, " I thank them for the love they have shown. As I am celebrating the victory today, we will do it together and also stand together for victory in the 2020 elections."

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