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General News of Monday, 25 June 2018


Entrepreneurs call for support in large scale maggot production

Maggots produced on large scale in the Bawku West district of the Upper East region Maggots produced on large scale in the Bawku West district of the Upper East region

A group of entrepreneurs in the Bawku West district of the Upper East Region, who are into the production of maggots, have asked for an all-inclusive support for large scale production.

They want government, farmers’ unions and all stakeholders to take keen interest in maggot production as an alternative feed for fish and poultry farming.

According to the group, research has shown that maggot meals contain 65% protein and are good alternatives for fish and soybeans meals in organic poultry and aquaculture.

The group has therefore initiated a project called, Neat Eco Feed, which produces maggots in large quantities under supervised conditions, where houseflies are allowed to feed on a mixture of leftover food, manure and abattoir waste.

The entrepreneurs explained fish and poultry need locally grown protein feed with a sufficient high content of sulfur-containing amino acids.

But that they say has always been a major challenge for organic poultry and fish farmers in Ghana.

They argue the importation of exotic feeds for local poultry and fish adversely affect farming due to the presence of certain chemical components that are alien to the growth of the local breeds, hence the need for the Neat Eco Feed project.

This new initiative is novelty in Ghana and it is already doing well in the Bawku West district in the Upper East region where about 300 farmers have been trained to adopt the new technique.

The Technical Director of Neat Eco Feed, Abuska Andrew on behalf of his colleagues and funding partners outlined the need for the maggots in poultry and aquaculture and the benefits derived from it.

“We have realized the decline in poultry and fish production in the country which is as a result of unavailability of enough protein for the poultry and fish to produce more meat,eggs and fish products” he observed.

Meanwhile, officials from Growth Mizik, a partner organization based in Accra lauded the efforts of the young entrepreneurs in creating more jobs and business opportunities through the initiative. They urged more youth especially graduates to venture into that field.

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