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Politics of Saturday, 31 August 2019


Election 2020: 60 reasons Ghanaians want John Mahama back as President

Former President John Dramani Mahama Former President John Dramani Mahama

Ghana has about sixteen (16) months more to go to the polls to elect new or retain President and Parliamentarians to stir the affairs of the nation from January 7, 2021. Many say the 2020 elections is going to be yet another festival of promises to the people of Ghana but some say it is going to be different.

To those who are of the view that the 2020 campaign is not going to be the normal ‘festival of promises’ told Awake News’ Efo Korsi Senyo that it will rather be “festival of a showcase of achievements”.

It is now going to be “showing what you have done. Your track record on which of the past promises you have to fulfil which is why you should be given another opportunity ” and “not what you will do for the first time. It is not going to be why you could not fulfil your past promises”

Many said they booted out the then President Mahama and his NDC out of power in 2016 on the basis of “corruption, unemployment and high cost of living” but said they are now experiencing worse of what they experienced under John Mahama.

On corruption – they believe the current NPP government is a true definition of corruption as no single month has passed without news of high-level corruption scandal. Dr. Lawrence Appiah in his recent article published on, he said:

"..NAM 1, PDS, collapsed Banks, PPA, etc. We should beg the President to let us finish discussing one scandal before he produces another one. The current rate of scandals coming out every week is creating traffic in our minds.

They are also of the view that Nana Addo has the biggest government size – 121 Ministers which is just an avenue to drain the public purse. They described the situation as “smart corruption”.

Unemployment – Ghanaians are of the view that President Akufo-Addo has killed more jobs than he has created if any at all. This is how Dr. Hayford of Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH) puts it:

"There have been many job losses since they took over in 2017. In May to August 2018, not less than 10,285 job loses were recorded, the highest unemployed rate in the history of Ghana, within that period

EIB Network and Group Nduom lost 250 jobs; Textile Works lost 235 jobs; BXC Company Limited lost 200 jobs; Rider Steel Company lost 400 jobs; Goldfields Ghana lost 1,500 jobs; Consolidated Bank Ghana lost 1,700 jobs; Vodafone Ghana lost 2,000 jobs and Oil Marketing Company lost 4,000 jobs. Besides about 20,000 people have also lost their jobs directly due to 420 financial institutions that have been shut down."

The high cost of living – Ghanaians put is as simply as Mahama’s time, a litre of petrol was GHc3.6 but today under Nana Add0 we are buying petrol GHc5.2 per litre. Dollar during Mahama’s time was 4.1 but today under Nana Addo, a dollar is 5.47. Things are too hard, Mahama’s time was far far better.

Borrowing vs Projects:

Many Ghana’s are saying President Akufo-Addo and his NPP government in their less than 3years have borrowed (over 70 billion to 80billion in 32 months) more than any other President or government in the history of Ghana but have no or little project to show.

So these are the 60 reasons why they want to vote Mahama back into power. Because of the following projects he has done during his 4years in office:

1) Rehabilitation of Komenda Sugar Factory.

2) Construction of Elmina Fish Processing Factory.

3) Construction CIMAF Cement Factory.

4) Rehabilitation of GIHOC Shoe factory in Kumasi.

5) Takoradi Port Expansion Project.

6) Tema Port Expansion Project

7) Tamale Teaching Hospital Rehabilitation and Expansion Project.

8) Construction Legon Teaching Hospital.

9) The construction NHIS Tamale Office

10) The construction of Upper West Regional Hospital.

11) The construction of over 100 Community Day SHSs.

12) The Establishment of University of Health Allied Sciences.

13) The construction of numerous CHPS compounds.

14) Construction of several Polyclinics.

15) The construction Millennium City Schools in Accra.

16) The Tamale Airport Rehabilitation and Upgrading Project.

17) Kumasi Airport Expansion and the construction of Ho the Airport.

18) The construction Nkrumah Circle Interchange.

19) The construction Aworshie Pokuase Road.

20) The Development Corridor, Takoradi Met.

21) The New Asphalt Road; Yamoransa – Elubo Road Rehabilitation.

22) The expansion and Asphalting of all major roads in Accra.

23) The construction of Burma Camp interchange and Giffard Roads.

24) The construction Teshie – Nungua Bush Road.

25) The construction of Aflao Metro Mass Terminal.

26) The Mampong Water Supply Rehabilitation and Expansion Project.

27) The Wa Water Supply Expansion Project.

28) The Kibi 5- Town Water Treatment Plant.

29) The Akwapim Water Project.

30) The Teshie Desalination Water Plant Project.

31) The Kpong Water Expansion Project.

32) The Pungu Solar Energy Project.

33) The Atuabo Gas Plant.

34) The construction Atuabo Free Port.

35) The extension of Electricity to 22 communities in Tamale South.

36) The extension of Electricity to 54 Communities in Mampong.

37) The over 60% increment in producer price of cocoa.

38) The Takoradi Sea Defence Project, Jita Tokor and Ada foah Sea Defence Projects.

39) The construction of Cape Coast Sports Stadium Complex.

40) The construction of the NCA Tamale Office.

41) The construction Kajetia Market Complex in Kumasi.

42) The construction of theTamale Market Complex.

43) The construction of the Kotokuraba Market in Cape Coast.

44) The construction Military Hospital in Kumasi.

45) The Expansion of Ridge Hospital in Accra.

46) The Expansion of Police Hospital in Accra.

47) The construction of Kumasi Roads and Drainage Expansion Project.

48) The construction of Ho Market Complex

49) The construction of the 695km Eastern Corridor Roads.

50) The constructed of Fufulso-Sawla road.

51) The constructed of 800-kilometre Fibre Optic ICT Backbone.

52) The Gye Nyame, and the Volta Basin oil blocks exploration projects.

53) The successful implementation of deregulation of petroleum products.

54) The construction 225 MW power barge to help in solving the energy crisis.

55) The Ameri power project to increase electricity generation capacity.

56) The Asogli Thermal expansion project.

57) The modernized Kotoka International Airport.

58) The Rehabilitated Job six-hundred (600) to house Parliamentarians.

60) The constructed multi-court building in Accra

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