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General News of Saturday, 26 December 2020


Elderly men and women share interesting, memorable Christmas experiences

An elderly woman sharing her Christmas experience with GhanaWeb play videoAn elderly woman sharing her Christmas experience with GhanaWeb

Some persons are always nostalgic about the good old days and one occasion this is greatly felt is during Christmas. Indeed, many have suggested that the celebration of Christmas back in the day was more interesting than how the occasion is marked in recent times.

The euphoria, they have argued, is incomparable because the anticipation was high and the feeling was orgasmic.

Unlike the present situation where chicken and sumptuous foods are easy to come by, the narrative was not the same in the past and the mere thought of having an opportunity to be served with delicious and decorated meals, drinks, biscuits back then was a moment to relish.

The meal was just a fraction of what constituted the merry. Now grownups, these personalities missed the games they played during Christmas, especially when they found themselves in relatively remote areas. In some instances, there were bonfires at night and residents would converge for various activities in commemoration of the festive season.

“In our days, we had the Christmas tree which was erected on the eve of Christmas. On 25th, our parents will cook different kinds of food. In our days, you won’t get drinks like the way now we’ve been drinking it every day. They pour a small quantity for you to sip. While I’m holding mine, I’ll be praying you’ll finish consuming yours so I tease you with mine,” an elderly man recalls to GhanaWeb's Ernestina Serwaa Asante.

“I remember when we were kids, you dress nice. Mummy and daddy will buy you shoes and dresses. Together with your friends, you move from one house to the other for food. We’ll gather biscuits and put a thread in them and hang around our necks like a necklace,” recounts another elderly woman.