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General News of Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Source: The Herald

Edward Mahama part of Gov’t corruption – PNC cries

The People’s National Convention (PNC), has said that it 2016 flagbearer, Dr Edward Mahama, cannot absolve himself of the corruption and thievery that is happening in the Akufo-Addo-led government, so long as he continues to turn a blind eye to them.

“Ordinarily, the PNC position will be what the leader of the party holds. The leader of the party is in government and the rots happening in government, the leader of the party is part of it.He has never spoken against the rots in thegovernment”.

According to the PNC, since it longest serving flagbearer was appointed as Ambassador at Large in 2017 by President Akufo-Addo; Dr. Mahama, has failed to discharge his duties as a party leader for obvious reasons, and appears to be distancing himself from the PNC, so as to win trust and favours from the NPP government.

Speaking passionately about Dr. Mahama’s sudden attitude, Chairman of the PNC, Bernard Mornarh, said the leader has not only gone dead silent about the unprecedented corruption in this administration, but he has distanced himself from the party’sactivities by refusing to attend it functional executive meetings where issues of national importance are taken.

“He has never spoken against the rots in this government; he has not come to party meetings for the party to take decisions on the rots in the government. And as I am speaking to you, just this Thursday, the party called a meeting and the leader of the party fully aware of the meeting, did not show up and there was no excuse whatsoever coming from him, as to why he can’t attend the meeting”, the PNC National Chairman cried.

“The acting Secretary went to him and according to him, the response from him suggested that he will not be able to come for the meeting but no communication whatsoever was issued”, he lamented on Accra FM’s Citizen Show hosted by Kwabena Bobie Ansah on Saturday.

Mr Mornarh, who could not hide his disappointment said,since Dr Mahama is still their leader per the PNC Constitution,the party, will not hold grudges with anyone who concludes that, the PNC endorses everything that is happening in the government because his positions are that of the party’s position.

“In full swing, you can say that the PNC position is that of the clearing of criminals, corrupt and bribed officials….. that should be the PNC position because, our leader is hobnobbing and serving in the same government where all these deficits are incurring”.

PNC’s national chairman, said the party has now decided that it will henceforth take decisions with or without the involvement of Dr Mahama and make it positions on national issues known. He said, the party will not allow any individual, to take the party hostage saying the party is bigger than any person.

“I told you that we just held the leadership functional executive committee meeting and we are regrouping so that we will be able to table our party views irrespective of the stands of our leader on these issues and we are going to have regular functional executive committee meetings whether the leader participates or not well will go ahead the party is bigger than even the one led it founding which is Dr Hilla Limann.

Though he’s not alive, the party has not collapsed so we will not allow one individual to caput our party for us, I assure you. So from now on, the party will issue collective party positions, on issues. We had thought that our leader, will lead us but since he become Ambassador at Large, truly he has become at large from the back”, he said.

Mr Mornarh whose heart was broken with the appointment of Dr Mahama, did not spare President Akufo-Addo, saying his action in the PDS scandal depicts a leader who does not know what he is about. “I have never seen a calamitous president like Akufo-Addo in my life.

The government, whose deficits are reaching alarming proportion that ambassadors today, are telling us that, since our golden mantra is Ghana beyond aid, and corruption has become an enigma to our development we should rather engage in Ghana without corruption.

It means, the international community, is even so disturbed because wherever there is corruption, investments will begin to decline, employment will be lost; in fact corruption is a mass murder!”