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General News of Sunday, 23 September 2018


EOCO’s lack of commitment to probe BOST worrying – Senyo Hosi

The Chief Executive of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, Senyo Hosi has urged investigative bodies looking into issues relating to the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation to speed up their work.

He believes the slow pace of investigation ends up fueling suspicions that politicians lack the commitment to stump out the perceived corruption at BOST.

BOST has made the headlines in the past few years for the wrong reasons with the latest one being the disappearance of about 600,000 litres of contaminated fuel which is said to have “evaporated.”

Mr Hosi wants EOCO and other agencies to bring finality to the allegations.

“During the Mahama administration there was some kind of work done with the previous Board and Management, there were issues but nothing was done about it. Today, we have issues, I don’t know, it’s as if we all agree never to deal with each other on BOST, very interesting. You take the recent issue about the transfer and payment that came up, some of us have known that some issues were going on, it came up when there was the Movempiina issue, it’s a year now EOCO is supposed to have been dealing with it. Now when there is another problem that’s when they [EOCO] shows up again.

“The commitment I think from the politician to deal with BOST is quite worrying. I just hope that probably from the sign we’ve gotten from the current management of BOST and the work that our committee has started it will maybe be a sign of a turn round. But EOCO, for instance, I don’t think has shown us enough commitment to deal with issues about BOST unless there is superior information.

“It’s been one year, BDCs who have been involved in it have not been asked questions related to the matter. I’ve not been asked questions at all by EOCO and it’s been a year if you were really investigating by now they should have contacted me, they have my contact and they contact me for other things. I’m very concerned about the political commitment to deal with issues at BOST.” Senyo Hosi stated on Joy FM’s News File show.