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General News of Monday, 29 January 2018


Drug addiction, womanizing and the prophetic ministry of Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Charles Agyinasare is presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International at Dzorwulu in Accra, Ghana play videoCharles Agyinasare is presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International at Dzorwulu in Accra, Ghana

‘Precious one,’ that is how he referred to his viewers during his popular TV telecast back in the early 2000s.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare is his name; the founder and presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International, formerly, World Miracle Church International (WMCI).

We went up-close with him on '21 minutes with KKB' and found out some amazing things and also cleared the air on some rumors heard about the celebrated minister.

Early Life

Born on 22nd March, 1962, Bishop Charles Agyinasare schooled in Weija Barracks Primary, Armed Forces Experimental School and Nsawam St. Martins. Following his bad habits of sin, revelry, alcoholism and drug addiction” and “a life of smoking, truancy, chasing girls, using hard drugs, night-clubbing, and stints with various occult associations, he was expelled.
When he started ministry, he disclosed that there were some who were more promising but were nowhere to be found. He admitted that ‘it is by the grace of God I am where I am.’ He confessed that, ‘there were people who were more articulate, committed, and studious, had more open-doors’ whom he expected to be around but were not in existence anymore.

Family Life

When asked about his family life, Bishop Agyinasare said he met his wife (Vivian) in 1984 and married her in 1985. Immediately he saw her at Akim Oda during a crusade, he narrates, his heart 'began to melt liked iced block in the sun', at which point he knew she was the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.

When asked if he would advise others to tow the same road, he said no: ‘I would not advise anyone to marry someone you barely know. Go through counseling.” Bishop Agyinasare is still married to Rev. (Mrs.) Vivian Sena Agyinasare with whom he has three biological sons with an adopted daughter.

35 years in ministry

Bishop Agyinasare had his first crusade at Asamankese; ‘I had prayed and God told me to go to Asamankese. I had no handbills, no radio announcements yet I went. First day 40 people showed up. On the second day 150, and on the third day, 400 people. As a result of that I was given a bigger auditorium to have the crusade in. During the crusade, a security man whose wife was bed-ridden for twelve years, began walking. From Asmankese, he moved to Akim Oda, to Ewusa where he had word of knowledge and prophecies as well as having people come to him with their problems.

He recounted one crusade he had in Pakistan where bombings used to take place. When they went, there was no bomb, immediately they left the hotel someone was killed. Had it not been for God, they would have been blamed for the murder. Responding to why he goes to dangerous places he remarked that "I go because I am Jesus boy/servant and I go wherever he indicates. It is based on the call and vow." He further stated that, “I go where the Master leads.”

When in the world: smoking and womanizing from age 11

"I was into drugs. Started smoking at 11, by 12, smoked marijuana. I met Jesus n 1980. I gave my life when I was 18. I had my first abortion at age 14. Because of Christ he is changed. He used to womanize. Used to be a Buddhist priest for four years and was dealing in drugs. I was exploring to know the True God and finally found it in Jesus. I did everything with my all." he said.

Touching on the area of womanizing in ministry he disclosed that ‘I have never had any woman besides my wife. I married at 23 and married for 33 years.’ He says he has not touched any woman’s private parts. ‘Seeing someone you like does not mean you go after them. You have to control yourself.’ Quizzed on whether he had not faced temptation, he stressed that he never counseled the opposite sex alone in order not to invite unnecessary situations which would give God a bad name. Although he used to be a womanizer, he said once Jesus had set him free, he was free and did not ever entertain such a lifestyle.

The Prophetic Ministry

The issue of his prophetic ministry is one many continue to talk about. His seeming 'conflict' with other prophetic ministers such as the leader of the Glorious Word Ministry International, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah was a question he had to answer. He's of the view Christians should not be quick to follow or pursue preachers who only prophesy doom on 31st Nights insisting that 'prophecy is supposed to edify'.

"We can’t do anything about prophecy but it can change because of what you do. God can change his mind when you repent". He cited some instances in the Bible where Kings were given prophecies but had them change as a result of the repentance to God.

Political Affiliation

Reacting to rumors which claimed he was an NDC member because a number of high profile NDC members were part of his congregation, he responded by saying he cannot and will not stop anyone, regardless of party affiliation, from attending his church. He said he has several friends in other political parties including 'big-time financiers of the New Patriotic Party. "I do not belong to any political party. I belong to the party of Jesus. I vote but I will not disclose to anyone...It’s called a secret ballot. I’ve been involved with quite a number of the past presidents and present president. I speak on my convictions’, he said when asked to reveal whom he voted for.

Name Change

Questions were asked when the man of God changed his name and subsequently, that of his church. From Agyin-Asare to Agyinasare and Word Miracle Church International to Perez Chapel, the preacher took GhanaWeb editor Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng through the reasons for the changes 35 years into his ministry.

"I changed my name because there were others who also had similar names. I realized it would create some problems. I went to my dad and informed him of it. He gave me the permission to do it so that is why I statutorily changed it." He further stated that the move was to make him 'stand out'.

With the name change of the church, Agyinasare stated that the move was to freely allow the team register the church in areas where they had hit a roadblock because of the name 'Miracle' which featured prominently. "We came to a place where the name miracle was giving problems. So after much prayer, we went for it. Perez meant breakthrough which is similar to miracle."

Staged miracles

Many pastors stage a lot of miracles so we inquired of him what his views were. He had this to say:how do you walk to Pakistan to a nation of 95% Muslim and stage it? You will be stoned.’ You cannot go to America and Islamic countries and go to stage a miracle there… How do you stage a Muslim woman screaming that she was blind and then could now see?’ I always find out who came with them to verify if indeed the person had ailments. “The power of God has been the same – saved sinners, healed the sick and caused miracles to happen.”

Body guards

Commenting on the issue of whether he had four bodyguards, he said ‘I do not have body guards. I only have aides who help me. This is as a result of people who fall during services. They are around to help but I do not have bodyguard.”

Net Worth

After being included in the Top 10 richest pastors in Ghana in 2016/17, he stressed that ‘I see myself planting churches, having crusades and building the kingdom. The church is not in my name… The TV station is not in my name…. I take a salary as any church person does. I donate my salary not because I do not need it. My kids are done with school so the responsibility has reduced. I do not know my net worth. Nothing belongs to me.” He refuted claims that he is filthy rich and debunked the fact that he lives a lavished lifestyle. He admitted that he did not even know his net worth.

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