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General News of Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Driverless cars don’t make mistakes – Chinery-Hesse advocates for ‘suspicious’ 5G network

Chief Executive Officer of SoftTribe, Herman Chinery-Hesse Chief Executive Officer of SoftTribe, Herman Chinery-Hesse

Chief Executive Officer of SoftTribe, Herman Chinery-Hesse has said that arguments about the possible introduction of a 5G network have been blown out of proportion by some critics.

According to him, the 5G network is not only designed to improve on the existing data network in specific fields as health but also to improve transport operations around the world.

He said the introduction of the network will in the coming years reduce road traffic accidents drastically with its driverless cars.

While advocating for the 5th generation mobile network on Good Evening Ghana, Tuesday, April 7, 2020, he admitted that even though the much-touted network when launched, will cause several job losses in the transport sector, it is quite justifiable because essentially human beings were not created to work but enjoy life.

He argued that the introduction of 5G driverless cars will put drivers out of business but yield positive results because unlike human-driven cars where drivers make indefensible mistakes, the 5G driverless cars never make mistakes.

With the help of statistics, Mr Chinery-Hesse explained that “...every 10,000 miles driven worldwide, somebody dies...when we switch to driverless cars with the technology today, it’s 1 in 19 million miles... and it won't crash”.

He added that the 5th generation driverless cars will also cushion the financial burden of users as the phenomenon of charging fares in taxis and 'trotros' will also be subsequently wiped out.

“...driverless cars are wonderful...if you ask me, we’ll buy 100 driverless cars which are also electric so there’s a small dam around, every night the cars go there and charge. Then you make everyone in Koforidua understand that the cars are theirs. Why should you be charging people for fares? A normal taxi cannot compete...,” he told host, Paul Adom Otchere.

Mr Chinery-Hesse also emphatically stated that by the year 2030 the 5G would have been rolled out and “there would be nothing that a robot cannot do better than a human being..."

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