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Politics of Monday, 20 June 2016


Don’t take voters for granted - NDC

A member of the governing National Democratic Congress’ communications team in the Upper East region has warned members of the party to stop reveling in their positions and get to work to ensure the NDC remains in power.

With political parties stepping up their campaigns ahead of the November 7 general elections, Mr. Amos Awinzor said the NDC cannot entertain complacency.

Speaking to Class News, he said political appointees must get to work and stop taking the electorate for granted, adding that Ghanaians are becoming more politically discerning.

“My message to all political appointees, political party executives and whosoever has been appointed to any [position] if you don’t know what keeps you there…take Ghanaians for granted”, he stated.

“Ghanaians are so very elastic. In economics, elasticity, [for example], is [that] there are certain commodities [that] if you joke and increase the price a little, consumers will run away and leave the commodity.

That is why they say it is highly elastic. Don’t just tamper with the price, when you tamper with it, consumers will leave it. That is how Ghanaian voters are, very elastic.

If you joke with them, they will leave you now. So, for those who take that for granted… if NDC loses, what I will only lose will be that I may not have been around to still help the government to build a school”, he warned.