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Business News of Monday, 6 June 2016


Don’t run energy sector on propaganda - Expert warns

Energy expert Kojo Poku has stated that country’s energy sector cannot be managed with propaganda and is advising government to be more transparent in its dealings regarding the sector.

It is has been reported that Ghana currently buys about 180 MW of power from the Ivory Coast following a shortfall in the country’s energy’s generation. But Mr. Poku observed that the power ministry is bereft of competencies to enable it manage the situation for which reason the country is faced with the numerous power outages.

“We need a competent person who can project happenings in the future to manage the ministry in order not to plunge the country into another round of darkness”, he said.

Speaking to Lantam Papanko on the Ultimate Breakfast Show, he said earlier claims that Ameri and Karpower were antidotes to the country’s energy problems could not be true as these only served as stopgaps.

“These including other infrastructural projects are gradually becoming white elephants because they cannot get gas to run. There is installed capacity and no fuel to run them”, he said.

He reiterated the need for government to be more transparent in its communication of issues bothering on the energy sector to the citizenry in order not to heighten their expectations.

Mr. Kojo Poku observed that the country has never attached seriousness to its energy sector indicating that they only focus attention when they is a little shortfall but forget to plan for the foreseeable future when the situation somewhat stabilizes.