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Regional News of Tuesday, 20 August 2019


Don’t blame your incompetence on the size of common fund – Aggrieved NPP delegates to MP

Some aggrieved constituents in the Sekyere Kumawu New Patriotic Party (NPP) have refuted claims by their Member of Parliament, Philip Basoah that his inability to develop the constituency is due to the small size of common fund

According to them, the MP has failed to lobby for developmental projects and has also failed to support the youth in his community.

They are thus pushing for him to be voted out in the upcoming elections describing him as “incompetent”

Below is the full statement

PRESS RELEASE DON’T BLAME YOUR INCOMPETENCE ON THE SIZE OF YOUR COMMON FUND HON.BASOAH!!! We have observed with deep regret the tour currently been undertaken by our Member of Parliament Hon. Philip Basoah through some communities in Sekyere Kumawu Constituency and blaming his high level of incompetence and failure to deliver for the past 7 years on the size of his common fund and some policies of government which he described as poor. Hon. Philip Basoah further blames his inability to help the youth in the constituency to benefit from the recruitment into the various security agencies such as military, police, fire or prison etc on poor academic qualification of the constituents. He added that unlike former President Kuffour’s time where MP’s and other government appointees were given quota on the recruitments into the security services, it’s not the same under the current President. This statement coming from the Vice Chairman of the Employment and social welfare committee of parliament is absolutely uncalled for to say the least. The people of Kumawu constituency are unhappy about the performance of their former DCE and now Member of Parliament and would not sit down unconcerned for him to blackmail the government and blame his poor performances on MP’s share of the common fund. The evidence of the masses rejection of him and his lies are clearly exhibited in the low interest and patronage the people in communities such as Dadease, Asekyerewa, Akorokyere and Sekyere showed when he toured their communities. During the previous administration when NPP were in opposition, Hon. Philip Basoah used to blame his poor performance on the then NDC’s government failure to undertake projects in Kumawu which according to him they consider as NPP’s strong hold. Surprisingly, over the past two years that NPP has been in government, Hon. Basoah has shifted his blame from been an opposition MP’s common fund. We would like to tell Hon. Basoah that we had enough of his lies and tactics. Anytime MPs primaries are approaching, this is what he always does, blames everyone but himself. The people are fed up with his lies and have warned delegates that should they bring him back as candidate for the NPP going into election 2020 they will show NPP that enough is enough. We as members of the New Patriotic Party in the Kumawu Constituency are very aware of what other MPs in other constituencies are doing to get jobs and development for the constituents and through that unite and direct their energies towards supporting the government of the New Patriotic Party to deliver on it’s promises to make victory in election 2020 a done deal. They don’t go around blaming their failure to deliver to the people on the size of their common fund and some policies of government. We would like to send this message to delegates that if Hon. Basoah was the one to take us to the promise land, we would have been there long time, we need positive change that will unite the people towards the achievement of development, employment and total transformation of Kumawu Constituency for prosperity. Long live Ghana, Long live NPP. AKUOKU JAMES ADDAE BOAFO OSEI JOHNSON (AGGRIEVED NPP DELEGATES, KUMAWU CONSTITUENCY)

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