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Politics of Tuesday, 19 June 2012

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Disband Government Communication Team -activist


A National Democratic Congress activist, Mr. Komla Sokpo has called for the immediate disbandment of the Government Communication Team because it is not making the necessary impact in propagating the virtues and achievements of the Atta Mills Government under the Better Ghana Agenda.

Giving reasons for his position, Mr. Komla Sokpo intimated that the Government Communication team is made up of young energetic gentlemen who are getting close to corridors of power for the first time and have not been able to manage the challenges that come with the position very well.

He said it appears the name Government Communication team is not getting through their attitude, which is detrimental to the survival of the party, Mr. komla Sokpo retorted that it seems members of the communication team fail to realize that there are equally important groups within the party whose contribution to the success of the National Democratic Congress is also paramount.
The Ndc activist said the contributions of these other identifiable groups are not being appreciated because they do not speak on radio and television, and castigated some acts and actions of some Members of the Communication team which seems to go further to deepen the internal crisis within the party.
Mr. komla Sokpo intimated that from his observation ,he has noted that Members of the Communication team are more sharpened and energized against internal perceived foes , instead of channeling their resources and energies on the main enemy, which according to him is negative in party building and therefore called on Government to as a matter of urgency to constitute a body which will be made up of experienced Professionals who should be mandated to manage communication on behalf of Government under no identifiable name.
Explaining further Mr. Komla Sokpo said the new body must not be an identifiable group as is the case with the current arrangement, and revealed that the Government Communication team has not done the party any good, despite the fact that some members of the team may be doing very well in espousing the achievement of the NDC Government.
Mr. Sokpo said during the 2008 general elections, the party did not have any identifiable group but the party’s communication was managed very well under experienced hands which brought the party victory with the support of dedicated serial callers and the section of the media who were sympathetic towards the cause of the party when it was in opposition.
Mr. Komla Sokpo suggested that apart from bringing together an experienced team to handle the communication of the party in the run up to the 2012 December elections, the party must develop, strengthen and empower serial callers and the friendly Ndc media houses to augment the party’s communication machinery to propagate the virtues and achievements of the Better Ghana Agenda.
‘It is paramount for the members of the new body to undergo intensive proper orientation in party building and schooled on the tenets of organizational discipline which is crucial for the success of any party structure that deals directly with the masses ‘he noted.
In defense of koku Anyidoho
Kwame Boadze
The recent impasse between some Members of the Government Communication team and the Director of Communications at the Presidency leaves much to be desired.
Instead of wasting time and energy calling for the Head of koku anyidoho because of his effusions during the Ghana Lesotho match as a result of the 30 minute black out that halted the proceedings for over an hour, Members of the Government Communication team should evolve an effective strategy to counter the negative propaganda of the New Patriotic Party in the run up towards the December polls.
Sam George and his colleagues should galvanize their strength to tour the whole Ghana espousing the achievements of Professor Mills under the Better Ghana Agenda to enhance the chances of the Ruling party, Instead of moving from one radio station to the other calling for the dismissal of koku anyidoho even after the man has admitted his guilt and graciously apologized, a mark of a true statesman.
The infighting and bickering amongst office holders in the party who have been charged to lead the assault on the opposition New Patriotic Party in the run up to the December elections is causing uneasiness among the rank and file of the party, the party is still grappling with the image tarnishing agenda of the founder, ex President Rawlings camp.
Now is the time for the communication machinery of the party to be oiled for the 2012 campaign, Six months is a short time for any time wasting tactics that can derail the chances of the party.
Koku Anyidoho has seen it all, from kuku hill to the hinterlands during the 2008 campaign, he was in the trenches with the President touring the length and breadth of Ghana to garner support for the party to come to power.
The man is human is bound to make mistakes, but that does not give anybody the opportunity to sweep Koku Anyidoho commitment and sense of duty to the cause of the national democratic congress under the carpet just because he has made a mistake.
Andrew Awuni’s comments that Koku Anyidoho is too political and aggressive is ridiculous, why did he leave his job at the National Investment Bank (NIB)to venture into politics?, why was he appointed as a government spokesperson?, was it not because he was a member of the New Patriotic Party, characters like Andrew Awuni should give us a break, they should stop hiding behind phony organizations such as his Freedom and advocacy group which every toddler know is an appendage of the opposition New Patriotic Party(NPP).
Are we glossing over the immense contribution Koku Anyidoho made towards the victory of the Ndc in 2008? Even the respected Ben Ephson got it wrong when the question was posed to him about how many Regions the Ndc were likely to sweep during the 2008 elections, koku was emphatic and precise, the Ndc was going to win in 8 regions, koku’s prediction came to pass, he was the man on the ground with then Candidate Mills.
Koku Anyidoho experience as a field soldier will be crucial as the President hits the campaign trail to seek the mandate of the electorate for another four year term.
The man is a handful for the Opposition New Patriotic Party and it is therefore not surprising that the NPP is calling for his head, the man is an asset to the Presidency and the Party.
He has been through thick and thin with his Excellency the President and must not be sacrificed for any other reason.
The Government Communication team has a vital role to play in ensuring a resounding victory for the Party, the time go start intensive campaign is now, let the Communication team descend into the every nooks and cranny of Ghana and stop concentrating their activities in Accra.
There are trouble spots in Ledzekuku, korley klotey and other Constituencies that require urgent attention, which is where I expect Members of the Government Communication team and other leading members of the party to bring their expertise to bear in bringing all the feuding factions together.
Koku Anyidoho is human and therefore fallible, he had the courage to apologize when he faltered, that must be it, and therefore the call for his dismissal is uncalled for.
The focus of the Government Communication team must be spreading the gospel of the Better Ghana Agenda, I must commend the Government communication team for coming out with the Green book but there is the need for the gospel to be propagated to counter any negative propaganda that the main opposition party might put up in their bid to wrestle power from the National Democratic Congress.
The NDC has no business losing the December elections despite the rantings and effusions of the Rawlingses, the Atta Mills led Government has done enough to deserve a second term and it is the duty of every member of the party to counter the ugly noises of the New Patriotic Party.
Professor Mills and the National Democratic Congress has a success story to tell, let all those who have been tasked to carry the message across get going. The party does not have much time to waste, for time and tide waits for no man.
Koku anyidoho must not be the target, spreading the gospel according to the better Ghana agenda must be the objective of every member of the party.
The new age Ghana

Rlg partners government
The Ministry of Employment and Social welfare in collaboration with Rlg communications, a wholly owned Ghanaian company has rolled out a novelty program to train over five thousand persons with disabilities with skills in ICT throughout the country.
The project which is the brain child of Honorable Enoch Teye Mensah, the Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing who mooted the idea with the able support of the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of Rlg Communications Limited Mr. Roland Agambire.
Speaking at the official launch of the Programme which took place simultaneously Nationwide, the Vice President, his Excellency John Dramani Mahama reiterated the Ndc Government’s commitment to create employment opportunities for all Ghanaians including the physically challenged in fulfillment of the party’s manifesto to invest in people.
Vice president John Mahama said the era where the physically challenged were confined to the weaving of baskets is over and urged the first batch of trainees who have been selected to undergo training to take the program serious.
The programme which is estimated to cost 21 million Ghana cedis with the Government of Ghana providing 19 million Ghana cedis whilst the remaining 2 million Ghana cedis will be borne by Rlg. As part of the package, Trainees will be provided with a stipend that is expected to be used as transport allowance.
Earlier in the day the Vice President had inspected a refurbished ICT centre at Dansoman that was sponsored by Rlg, the centre will be used for the training programme, this is one of the programmes that Rlg is undertaking in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Social welfare, it must be recalled that Rlg is involved with the provision of over 60,000 laptops to school children throughout the country in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.
In a short speech ,the Minister of Water Resources ,works and Housing, Honorable Enoch Teye Mensah expressed his profound gratitude to cabinet and the Chief Executive of Rlg, Mr. Roland Agambire for contributing towards the realization of the programme, he assured the trainees that Government will continue to support the physically challenged to realize their potentials.
On his part the Board chairman of the National Council for Persons with disabilities,Mr Andrew okaikwei expressed the gratitude of the Council to Government in coming out with the training programme which he said will go a long way to better the lives of the physically challenged in Ghana.
The Chief Executive Officer of RLG Communications and Chairman of the Agams group, Mr Roland Agambire intimated his company’s commitment in creating one million jobs for Ghanaians and urged the trainees to take advantage of the training programme and work hard to attain their career objectives.
Mr. Kojo Attigah, the Manager of the Accra Rehabilitation Centre on his part commended Government for providing the centre with a borehole which has gone a long way in solving the water crises the centre used to experience in the past.
Upon an appeal by the centre Manager of the Accra Rehabilitation Centre ,Mr. Joseph kojo Attigah for a pickup truck to facilitate the movement of staff and trainees ,Rlg communications responded promptly by pledging to donate a pickup truck to the center.
The new age Ghana

It has been established that the National Identification Authority requires an additional 25 million Ghana cedis to complete the ongoing National Identification Exercise that is aimed at providing National identification cards to eligible Ghanaians.
The card distribution exercise in the Greater Accra Region was suspended last week by the National Identification Authority (NIA) due to lack of funds. Speaking to the New Age in an exclusive interview, the Deputy Director in charge of Public Affairs of the NIA, Ms. Bertha Dzeble disclosed that the additional funding will enable the Authority to complete the all important National Exercise that is aimed at capturing the bio data of every Ghanaian of six years old and above.
Ms. Bertha Dzeble said although the National Identification Authority printed a total of 2.5 million cards for onward distribution to people who took part in the exercise in the Greater Accra Region, she intimated that the NIA has up to date distributed 700,000 cards, leaving a balance of 1,800,000 which is yet to be distributed.
The Head of Public Affairs disclosed that the NIA is facing serious logistical challenges due to lack of funding, she intimated that about 45% of the 1.5 million cards sent to the various communities for distribution were returned because when it was sent to the collection points in the districts owners of the completed cards failed to come for them, compelling the NIA to keep the unclaimed cards in their custody.
She revealed that hundreds of the completed cards are yet to be sent to the collection points but that the exercise has been suspended due to lack of funds, intimating that the National Identification Authority will resume the exercise if they secure funding. She further explained that the NIA is re-strategizing to find office facilities in the various sub-metros and district assemblies to locate the cards for collection by applicants until it secures the necessary funding to resume the mass distribution and mass registration exercise.
Ms. Bertha Dzeble appealed to Government and donor agencies to come to the aid of the National Identification Authority. She advised all those who live in Okaikoi, Ablekuma, Ashiedu Keteke, Osu Klottey, Ayawaso and Kpeshie Sub-metros who have not come for their I.D cards after completing the registration exercise to come along with their slips for collection at the offices of the National Identification Authority near the Ghana Standards Board or Gulf House, Tetteh Quarshie Interchange.

The new age Ghana

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