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Diasporian News of Wednesday, 6 July 2011

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Different Voices: Agudey Crashes UK-Ireland CPP?

The OmanbaPa Research Group

A Qualified Report

Mr George Opeisika Agudey has stated that the Convention People’s Party has reached a crucial era in its history to such a desperation that unity of focus; is of vital importance if the party were to make credible impact on the masses, especially, where currently, there are two giant political parties ahead of the CPP.

Mr Agudey- the 2004 presidential candidate for the CPP; who in 2003, summoned the Ghanaian electorate to vote his party to power to enable it improve the quality of education, health and general conditions of the masses, had told JusticeGhana reporter Kwame Asante in a telephone interview that in terms of infrastructure and political following, currently, the CPP needs to work harder at all-levels if the fragmented Nkrumahist blocks, were to overturn the tables of the ruling NDC and the main opposition NPP. Mr Agudey has been politically calm in recent times but hinted JusticeGhana that he is surely going to the 2011 CPP race and that his supporters are seriously working underground to achieve this.

“But for now I’m working with other CPP members, on how to organize successful national executive congresses,” he said. On the question of his chances of winning the CPP 2011 presidential slot and later, national presidential elections of December 2012, the learned legal luminary stated that there is a saying in Akan language that salt does not pride itself of saltiness and therefore, cannot evaluate his prospects of winning either the party or the national presidential flagship. “Everyone goes to a contest with the hope of winning. But at the end of the day and in the context of this election, it is up to the delegates to decide, says the 2004 CPP presidential candidate, who states he has no problems with Paa Kwesi Nduom’s Movement for Social Justice but for a fair-and-level playing field congress.

JusticeGhana had requested for this telephone interview in relations to an alleged confrontation that allegedly; erupted between George Opeisika Agudey and the UK/Ireland Branch of the CPP- when the former CPP presidential candidate, made a two-week holiday to the UK, somewhere in the first week of June 2011. Mr Agudey declines this information, describing the impromptu branch meeting of the 12? June 2011, that commenced at about 7.30pm and ended somewhere at 10.00pm; as “fruitful, cordial and a privilege”. He praises the overseas’ branch for having a frank chat with him on such a short notice.

“Yes, my travel to the UK was privately centered. But when I arrived UK; I decided to meet the comrades and because I had the contact details of Nana Yaw- the Branch’s Communications Director, I phoned him and discussed my intention to meet them and suggested if it could be communicated to both the executives and the members as well, which he did. There was no such thing like confrontation and if in doubt; you could get in touch with Nana Yaw for a copy of the minutes,” Mr Agudey, told JusticeGhana.

Nana Yaw with caveat; agrees with Mr Agudey on these describing him as a nice gentleman. But stated that at some point in the meeting, the former CPP presidential candidate was confronted with some compelling questions which related to his past leadership and perhaps, his current intention to lead CPP- both from some members and the executives- something the UK-Ireland CPP Communications Director, states had been the norm for almost all CPP leadership, who had visited the Branch to make their case.

The OmanbaPa Research Group is reliably informed that although the CPP UK-Ireland; was officially in the dark of Mr Agudey’s travel , when he arrived in London, he exploited the chance in meeting the branch, in a bid to showcase his 2012 ambition? Although the communications director was brief on what answers were being sought from Mr Agudey; the likely human interest issues that JusticeGhana can peculate, are perhaps, the dust-to-dawn raid of his home by the officials of Value Added Tax (VAT) in February 2008, over a GH¢615,909.85 [4 years?] tax arrears, then owed to Ghana, not forgetting clarification over his academic standings. The Gold Crest Securities boss is also alleged to have reclaimed the office fittings and equipments he once donated to the CPP when he the party’s flagship eluded him.

These deductions were made when Mr Agudey told JusticeGhana that his main botschaft at the June 12 meeting that took place at The Epicentre, 41 West Street (Off Leytonstone High Street, London, E11 4LJ, pitched not only on the rather current sorry state of the party’s infrastructure both at national and at the grassroots level but also, on how the rank-and-file within the CPP- being it an ordinary member or an executive, ought to be open-minded to one another. “I especially advised the comrades at the meeting that whenever they hear any information about any member in Ghana which they are unclear about, they ought to be more proactive in searching for the truth themselves from the ground- Accra or from the comrade in the news, rather than relying on hearsay which sometimes, can be ill-conceived.”
Graphically, Mr Agudey’s disputed assertions, probably, illustrate the true reflection of the persistent animosities; mistrust and internal wrangling that continue to bedevil the Nkrumahist families. On the issue of the said inexperience of Ms Samia Yaba-Nkrumah to become CPP Chairperson, Mr Agudey undermined Dr Edmund Delle’s argument, stating that he doubted not the efficiency of the Jomoro MP-Samia, chairing the CPP because she is a matured woman. “Inexperienced must not be the argument here because if she is elected all that she needed from the CPP and its membership, including both the [in] experienced ones, is our support and encouragement. Once one has the organizational ability and motivation there could not be any problem for him/her to deliver,” the 2004 CPP flag bearer had said.
Responding to the rumour that he flew to the UK with a newly found nest, Mr Agudey who nearly went wild, when a reporter quizzed him in 2007 on how he was sure of winning the CPP race and eventually the 2008 presidential elections against the backdrop of his 1% in 2004 humorously quizzed this reporter: ”You’ve not told me anything about your matrimonial status. So why bringing this in political interview?”
In 2000, Mr Agudey locked horns with Professor George Hagan in a second round balloting and trailed second with 644 votes, representing 41.2% of the total valid votes to the Prof, who triumphed with 920 votes, representing 58.8% of a total of 1,564 valid votes cast. This was when the four CPP presidential aspirants [Mr George Agudey- 652 votes representing (38. 9%); Professor George Hagan- 490 votes (29.2%); Alhaji Ibrahim Mahama- 484 (28.8%) and Mr Johnny Hansen- 52 votes (3.1%)], failed to secure the 50% + 1 vote to lead the party in the National Delegates Congress. Mr Agudey’s attempt in the 2007 contest was deflated when Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, took the early lead with 1067 votes, leaving behind his fiercest challenger- Professor Agyeman Badu Akosah with encouraging 644 votes at the second position.
Having availed themselves to country and service and here by serving Ghana on the ticket of NPP politicking, it came as no surprise that the CPP national delegates whose 15 December 2007 convocation at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)in Kumase, rewarded Dr Nduom and Prof Akosa with 53.8% and (a 32%) respectively. This is perhaps; unlike in the cases of Dr. Kwaku Osafo who managed with 48 votes or Bright Akwetey, who bagged 37 votes. The same could also be true of the then tax-embattled Mr Opeisika Aggudey, who polled 139 votes out of the total ballots cast?
It is speculated that Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa and Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, served respectively, as Director-General of the Ghana Health Service and Minister of Public Sector Reforms under Kufuor-led NPP government so they are more liberal to the West. There are other schools of taught who professed that because the Chief Executive of the Gold Crest Securities- Mr. George Opeisika Aggudey; had all his business registration or operational license, under the Rawlings-led NDC, he too, wields NDC leanings.
From this premise and notwithstanding the said leadership grumbles, unsubstantiated mistrusts and animosities and probably what appears to be uncompromising tendencies within the CPP following and administrative hierarchies, one could argue with ease that one of the greatest perils of the fragmented Nkrumahist fronts, is lack of timely free-flow of information and ideas. As on various communication platforms; renowned CPP leadership or members in the Nkrumahist family such as the Pratts and Baakos, had publicly, given different positions on issues of intra-political or national importance. On the CPP/PNC unity dialogue, Drs Edward Mahama and Kwesi Nduom completely, articulated different views.
But this is not all. For example, JusticeGhana is reliably informed that the CPP UK-Ireland Branch and probably other branches in Europe and the Americas are under no duty to furnish the CPP National Headquarters with certified copies of the minutes of their periodic meetings? “We are not obliged to send copies of our minutes to Accra unless we think there is something special to do so,” a highly placed source told JusticeGhana. But how could one operate an efficient Departmental Store with a centralized recruitment and financial budgeting, but decoupled from its crucial regional subsidiaries and affiliates?
In this technological or media age organizations or businesses who persistently clave on this traditional marshy route, might likely be ditched out of operation due to misinformation and inconsistent publicity. Yet these are the stocks in trade of the CPP which per Agudey, had been [yes] in government before and therefore, could sail there again if the party were to put its [shattered] abode with different voices which more often than not, subvert its political credibility, strategies and attractions, in order. At the time of going to press unconfirmed report suggests that in the ongoing executive congresses; an employer[s] in a constituency had managed to have the whole elected executives from their business?

Yes, as CPP treks ahead of 2012 polls with the repeated 1% record, perhaps, it must be advised here that it ought to be wary of electing not only open-minded leaders who are ready to administer unqualified justice and fairness to all manner of persons who appear before their courts but also members, who accept that the brand Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah- might alone not evoke the final onslaught, to success.

* JusticeGhana Editors Notes: The 1st & 2nd Vice Chair of the CPP UK&Eire - Mr B.B. Ossei and Mr Hayford Akrofi, were unable to be contacted on 07958239973 or 02087719268 in writing this report.
Credit OmanbaPa Research Group

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