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General News of Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Deaths of two policemen self-inflicted – Adam Bonaa

Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa Security Analyst, Adam Bonaa

A Security Analyst Adam Bonaa says the deaths of two policemen in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions are self-inflicted.

The two deaths of the officers were reported barely 24 hours apart. The IGP has ordered investigations into the incident.

However, speaking on ‘Alert’ on Starr FM, Adam Bonaa said per his preliminary investigations the officer in the Ashanti Region was not deployed to the area when he was killed.

He also linked the death of the officer in the Eastern Region to suicide.

Mr Bonaa wants the Police Service to better supervise its officers as well as conduct a periodic psychological assessment to prevent such casualties.

“Anyone who knows AK 47 this is a high-velocity weapon when it impacts a concrete building it will take a chunk of that building out depending on close you are to the building. And so if you look at the sitting position of this officer, unfortunately, he’s dead, one cannot but say this looks like if you ask me more of self-inflicted death that I might probably say it’s suicide but it yet to proven. Can we put in place a situation where officers in the security services will periodically undergo a psychological evaluation. We have seen too many officers sometimes shooting themselves.

He added: “The other officer who died in the Ashanti Region in a location where he has not been sent to go to, I think the Police should put its house in order and begin to make sure proper monitoring measures are put in place so that officers don’t fall prey to some gangs who may want to harm them. So in these two cases, I will say that it points to self-inflicted deaths.

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