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General News of Monday, 6 June 2011

Source: The Ghanaian Lens

Daily Guide; Spare Us The Sin-Filled Sermon!

It is very interesting the way The Daily Guide has a way of playing pious when it is the case that the non-flying and non-selling Akufo-Addo/NPP get their tails in a spin.

When it suites The Daily Guide, they behave holier than the Pope and go on a sermonizing binge wanting to claim the title of piety.
On the other hand, when it again suites them, they can spend months singing the praise of the devil.

Read yesterday’s editorial of The Daily Guide and you will marvel at the position that the paper took in respect of the recent open endorsement of President Atta Mills for a second term by the Akyem Tafohene, Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV.

Indeed, if anybody was reading the editorial of The Daily Guide for the first time, the reader would be deceived into believing that The Daily Guide is edited by the Good Lord Himself.
The Daily Guide cannot believe that Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV would openly endorse President Mills for a second term.
The Daily Guide would have readers believe that the Chief did not say what he is supposed to have said; when the truth of the matter is that, the Chief openly said that President Mills will get 8 years to continue to build a Better Ghana.
The Daily Guide is quick to quote the relevant portion of the 1992 constitution which states that chiefs are not allowed to openly play politics.
We agree with that position.

But the question is; was Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV playing politics?
Was Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV speaking on an NDC platform?
Was Osabarima Adusie Piasah IV, clad in NDC colours?
Was Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV, singing the NDC anthem?
The Chief was speaking at a durbar of chiefs and people of Akyem Abukwa, and spoke the truth about President Mills brining development to Akyem land.
It is a matter of fact that what President Mills has done for the people of Akyem Abuakwa; Akufo-Addo was not able to do a fraction of it for the 12 years that he was MP and the 8 years that he was a cabinet Minister.
The Chiefs and people of Akyem are seeing the good works of President Atta Mills and they cannot hide their joy and commendation for the hard working President.
What really catches our attention the most, is, The Daily Guide’s loud quotation of the portion of the constitution that bars chiefs from engaging in open politics.
We ask Daily Guide again; where have you been all t this while that Nana Asante Bedietuo has turned himself into a serial caller; calling into radio stations and doing propaganda for the NPP and Akufo-Addo?
Not a day passes by without Asante Bedietuo openly engaging in NPP’s stinking propaganda politics.
Be it on, Asempa FM, Joy FM, Radio Gold, Peace FM, etc., Nana Asante Bedietuo is all over the place.
This selfsame Asante Bedietuo, is a supposed to be one of the sub chiefs of the Akyem Abuakwa traditional area.
Or is it the case that the constitution allows sub chiefs to engage in open politics?
The answer is a big NO!!!
Yet, Asante Bedietuo openly engages in NPP politics and The Daily Guide sees nothing wrong with the nauseating behavior of Bedietuo.
Indeed, The Daily Guide is ready and willing to applaud Asante Bedietuo anytime he goes on air to engage in open NPP politics.
As far as The Daily Guide is concerned, it is ok for the likes of Nana Asante Bedietuo to engage in stinking and vile NPP propaganda.
A decent chief like Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV does the honourable thing by thanking President Atta Mills for giving Akyem land its fair share the development cake, and The Daily Guide is having a running nose.
The Daily Guide must take out the fat log in its eyes before attempting to take out the speck in the eyes of Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV.
If there is any chief that continues to spit in the face of the 1992 constitution, it is Nana Asante Bedietuo, and not Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV.
Osabarima Adusei Piasah IV spoke the truth and if The Daily Guide feels so hurt about the true message that the chief put out, Daily Guide can go to hell and rot there!!!