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General News of Sunday, 3 February 2008

Source: Palaver

DPP on the verge of collapse

... Executives blame Dr. Obed Asamoah

Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), which was formed after Dr. Obed Asamoah had been defeated at the NDC congress in Koforidua, is on the verge of collapse, almost at the point of extinction, reports Kojo Allotey Jacobs, from Cape Coast.

In an interview with ?The Ghana Palaver? in Cape Coast, Mr. Eric Kwesi Bonney, a leading member of the DFP, broke his silence and said, ?I have decided to go public because, there is too much in-fighting and bickering in the party.? ?What sometimes irritate some of us?, he continued, ?is the stand taken by Dr. Obed Asamoah against the NDC; instead of attacking the NPP government on its bad policies, he would rather go after the NDC, a situation which makes majority of our members very jittery, because it does not make the DFP a serious party that wants to win power?. Touching on problems affecting the smooth-running of the party, Mr. Bonney said the manner in which the regional and national congresses are being organized by the leadership is nothing to write home about, adding that, ?there is too much dictatorial decisions that are being taken at the headquarters in Accra?.

He also stated that, the Volta Region, the home region of Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah, does not have an office and alleged that an amount of Gh ?6,000.00 (?6,000,000.00) that was advanced to the Regional Executives for an office had been squandered.

He alleged that Mr. Safo Kantanka, the former NDC constituency chairman for Juaben North, who joined the DFP in the Eastern region, has been posing as the Regional Secretary and Regional Youth Organizer at the same time creating problems for the party and blamed Dr Asamoah for the situation the party finds itself in the Eastern region.

Mr. Bonney further claimed that the Regional Youth Organizer and the Regional Organizer, Mr. Asare Nyarko, does not see eye to eye with each other, a situation that is frustrating a large number of the party?s membership and which is also eroding the foundation of the party in the region and to forestall the party from collapsing, the National Chairman of the party called for a resolution meeting which the aspiring national youth organizer failed to attend.

Another allegation was that Ms. Frances Assiam, an Executive member had imposed one Derrick Adjei on the party as the National Youth Organizer and when asked whether the controversial woman was still with their party he replied in the affirmative, and pointed out that, Derrick Adjei hasn?t been working for the party?s interest.

Kwesi Bonney warned that if care is not taken, Mr. Isaac Newton Dick, the regional youth wing of the party and members of the tertiary institution network TEFTFORD would return to their mother party the NDC, and reiterated his call to Dr. Obed Asamoah not to be attacking the NDC but rather concentrate his criticism on the ruling party, the NPP.



Your authoritative ?The Ghana Palaver?, has been aware, for more than two years the subtle manner in which some National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Parliament are being used by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to create frustration and confusion within the party. When this came to our notice, we initially decided to publish the names of the ?Judas? NDC MPs for the rank and file of the party to know them but on second thought, we decided to let them know we are aware of their flirtations with the ruling party and hoped they would stop stabbing their own party in the back. True to our word, when some of them got to know that their secret acts were in the open, they approached us ?Nicodemously?, trying very hard not to be seen as traitors but we knew the truth. However, for sometime, we thought the flirtations between some of these NDC members of Parliament and some members of the ruling party had ceased but recent events have shown that the underground dealings are still going on. Before touching on what happened in Parliament on Wednesday, we would like to ask the Honourable Member of Parliament for Manya Krobo, Mr. Michael Teye Nyaunu, if he himself is not sick? One thing that a few doctors we have spoken to since the issue of Prof. John Evans Atta Mills? health came up is that every human being above the age of forty is sick of one of the many ailments that afflict older men and women. Every human being suffers from one sickness or the other and as we grow old, the immune system is not able to overcome these sicknesses and so it becomes necessary that one gets medical check-ups frequently. It would therefore seem very stupid for anyone to assume that Prof. Atta Mills is immortal and does not fall sick. What ?The the boat now as we prepare for the December elections but we can assure them that in due course, we will let the whole world know them and that day is very near.Ghana Palaver? would like the Manya Krobo MP and his supporters to understand is that every one, from time to time, falls sick and must get medical attention and so if Prof. Atta Mills is getting medical attention, it does not mean that he is dead. We are aware that there are some leading members of the party behind what the Manya Krobo MP is doing because it has, ever since the December 22, 2006 congress, become evident that some influential members of the party were not happy with the re-election of Prof. Atta Mills as the Flag bearer. These people have, at the least opportunity, sought to create confusion in the minds of the rank and file of the party to either force the Professor to voluntarily resign or be forced out by the party. ?The Ghana Palaver? would like to assure our numerous readers, who we believe are sympathizers of the NDC just as we do, that Prof. Atta Mills is healthy and is only in South Africa for a routine medical check-up from an operation he underwent last year. As for those NDC members who because of their stomachs are flirting with the NPP, all we can tell them for now is that ?The Ghana Palaver? would not rock

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