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General News of Wednesday, 28 August 2019


Cut your travels abroad and fix security challenges – Adam Bonaa to Prez. Akufo Addo

Securtity Analyst, Adam Bonaa Securtity Analyst, Adam Bonaa

Securtity Analyst Adam Bonaa has urged President Akufo Addo to reduce the number of his travels abroad and pay attention to the country’s security.

He’s also questioned why the Security and Intellegence agencies failed to pick up signals on the tension between local farmers in the Karaga District of the North East Region and settler Fulani herdsmen which resulted in a lot of destruction in the town.

A confrontation over a damaged rice crop ensued on Friday, August 23, between a Fulani herder and a local farmer, at the village called Bagurugu, when the farmer-led two others into the Fulani settlement and attacked the herder accused of allowing his cattle to enter the rice cropland.

The family of the attacked Fulani man also retaliated leaving two of the local attackers in a health care centre after sustaining bodily injuries.

Fulani fightThe locals then mobilized on Saturday by sunrise and launched a reprisal on the herding camp which left a trail of overwhelmed destruction.

Over 30 houses, dozens of livestock, bags of stored food and personal belongings were completely burned to ashes when the mob overran the settlement in the unrestrained rampage.

Commenting on the development on ‘Alert’ a programme aired on Starr FM that discusses security matter of which he’s the host, Adam Bonaa.

“Twenty first century Ghana we have a whole community in the Northern Region once again going up in flames and over 30 homes being burnt, animals being butchered, should this have happened? I’ll say no, it should not have happened at all. Go to not even the bigger part of the Northern Region and you’ll realize that there’s inadequate police personnel or security officials and even in terms of the human resource they don’t have, they don’t have the material resource or machinery to move in quickly to quell some of this barbaric acts.

“So I call on the powers that be, the Commander in Chief who’s the President probably he seems to be traveling too much. And so he’s failing to recognize that a section of this country has gone up in turmoil, we have issues and I’ll urge the President of the Republic, the Chairman of the National Security Council to cut down on his travels and see to the security challengers that we’re face with in this country,” Adam Bonaa added.

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