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Religion of Sunday, 29 September 2019


Corruption in churches reflect in governance – Rev Whitcomb

Rev. Dr. Richard Whitcomb play videoRev. Dr. Richard Whitcomb

Founder and Senior Pastor of Agape House New Testament Church Reverend Dr. Richard Whitcomb has during his sermon on Saturday, opined that the corruption in the country is a reflection of the canker among leadership in churches across the country.

In his sermon series, The Relentless Church - "Relentless for Revival", Rev Whitcomb indicated that the corruption in our modern-day churches has become so great that the society is also influenced.

“Corruption of the nation, in fact, is simply a reflection of the corruption in church… the corruption in our church becomes so great that it influenced the society around us… the church must lead the way,” he said.

He therefore called on the church to lead the way and turn away from their wicked ways, citing 2Chronicles 7:14: “If my people who are called in my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land”.

Rev Whitcomb also chastised persons who are in the habit of criticizing government for the numerous corruption scandals in the country. He was of the view that individuals who are dishonest in their business dealings should desist from complaining about government.

“You cannot complain about corruption in the government when the way you run your business is dishonest. You cannot complain about civil servants in the ministries not doing their job when you don’t do your job where you are.”

Following the recent announcement by government that 3 persons attempted to stage a coup on the President, Rev Whitcomb noted that problems individuals are experiencing have nothing to do with the happenings in the Jubilee House.

Rather, he urged people to change from their sinful ways and accept Jesus and by so doing the nation will change.

“Our problems do not come from what’s happening in the jubilee house; our problems come from what’s happening in God’s House. We don’t need a coup in government, God forbid; we need a coup in our hearts. We need to overthrow sin in our hearts and enthrone Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and our nation will not change until we change.” With the quote Act 10:34-35.

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