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Diasporia News of Sunday, 11 November 2012

Source: Amponsah Stonash

Congratulations to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia – NPP-New York

The evening was filled with much tense. People felt that it will be the battle of economic prowess between the former Deputy Governor and the former Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, and Mr. Amissah Arthur respectively.

One must note that, the choosing of Mr. Amissah Arthur as the vice presidential candidate by the NDC has been perceived and interpreted by many political pundits as political equalization; a calculated attempt to neutralize the economic astuteness of Dr. Bawumia, the NPP vice presidential candidate.

However, “the boys were separated from the men” last night. An indication of the fact that the perceived intentions of the NDC have backfired – big-time!

Dr. Bawumia, the economic erudite showed clear understanding of issues affecting the average Ghanaian. Through his answers, he laid bare the medium and long term practical and results oriented policies that will be rolled out by Nana Addo’s government to solve these problems.

His in-depth understanding of the economic environment was superb. He exposed the inexactitudes in the economic indicators as projected by the current NDC government. He knew what he was talking about. Unlike Mr. Amissah Arthur who sounded confused, perplexed and unprepared. With his poor performance, people are beginning to wonder how Mr. Amissah Aurther could end up as the governor of the Bank of Ghana, deputy minister for twelve (12) years and a vice president of the republic. He sounded clueless about basic problems facing our society. He is absolutely out of touch with the daily concerns raised by Ghanaians.

The lady vice presidential contenders – apparently not well endowed in economics – showed appreciable understanding in other fields of questioning. They did better than the incumbent vice president.

Dr. Bawumia’s composure was perfect! His organization and articulation, coupled with his apt delivery was just great!

His answers to questions about the environmental, tourism and housing were distinctive to the admiration of viewers both home and abroad. Whiles Dr. Bawumia was talking about improving sanitation, road networks, streamlining visa acquisition, and developing tour sites, Mr. Amissah Arthur could only find the “compelling” decrease in hotel rates by government as the way to improving tourism. Mr. Arthur showed bankruptcy in ideas and governance.

In truth, Dr. Bawumia outperformed his competitors. He sent a clear, strong, and indisputable message to the electorates, that, the “Nana-Bawumia” ticket is undoubtedly Ghanaians’ only hope to transform and move the nation forward.

Dr. Bawumia, a product of free SHS from Tamale Senior High School solidly represents the essence and imperativeness of the free SHS policy proposed by Nana Addo. As he did indicate, the free SHS opportunity he enjoyed in the Northern Region was the spring board in his academic career. This is evident of the fact that, through Nana Addo’s free SHS – in the long term – there will be thousands of “Bawumias” in the country to manage its affairs.

NPP-New York is verily “fired-up” by your excellent performance last night. And we say “well-done” Mr. Vice President in the making – we are proud of you!

.…..signed……. Amponsah Stonash NPP Communications Directorate New York