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General News of Friday, 31 January 2020


Concerned Tema Youth angry over parliamentary candidtate’s absence in the constituency

Isaac Ashai Odamtte Isaac Ashai Odamtte

The Concerned Youth of Tema East Constituency (CoYTEC) have raised concerns over the Parliamentary Candidate’s absence in the constituency after he won votes during the National Democratic Congress (NDC) primaries.

According to the group, Isaac Ashai Odamtten, since his election, has not taken any “clear and deliberate” initiative to rally the intentions of the party in the Constituency.

CoYTEC alleged Odamtten’s lack of indulgence will interfere in the party’s victory in the 2020 polls.

The group also described the MP hopeful’s attitude as disrespectful insisting that he is accountable to the constituents and the NDC party at large.

They have therefore issued, in a statement, a one-week ultimatum to the Constituency Executives to get Isaac Ashai Odamtten back into the electorate to carry out the mandate of his position.

“Failure to do this will leave us with no option but advise ourselves appropriately.” The group warned.

Below is the full statement

PETITION AGAINST THE APATHY AND LACK OF INITIATIVE BY THE NDC PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE FOR TEMA EAST CONSTITUENCY, ISAAC ASHAI ODAMTTEN, REGARDING PARTY REORGANIZATION EFFORTS IN THE CONSTITUENCY. We the Undersigned group, the Concerned Youth of Tema East Constituency (CoYTEC) made up of Branch Executives of the National Democratic Congress within the Tema East Constituency, wish to draw your attention to a disturbing trend observed over the last few months. We have taken notice of the conspicuous absence of our Parliamentary Candidate (for Tema East) Hon. Isaac Ashai Odamtten, from the constituency for a long while now. Our checks have revealed that the PC, since his election on 21st September, 2019 has been missing from all Constituency engagements of the party. What is more worrying is that the PC, Hon. Odamtten, has not, since his election, taken any clear and deliberate initiative to rally the base and grounds of the party in the Constituency. Since 1992, the Tema East seat has been consistently won by the New Patriotic Party, in spite of whatever efforts our party has put in place. Now, at a time that many political watchers and other well-meaning citizens have silently and openly reposed confidence in the NDC to provide the needed alternative leadership that's woefully lacking in the present NPP MP, it is very ill-advised, irresponsible even, for an elected PC to relinquish his duties with such reckless ABANDON merely to pursue personal adventures overseas. What could be more contemptuous of a Parliamentary Candidate than continuous abstinence from the core business of the constituency which has so elected you, without even the simple courtesy of a notice to your constituents? By this conduct, we dare say that Hon. Isaac Ashai Odamtten is, in essence, demonstrating his disrespect for the constituents who elected him as representative. There is no gains aging the fact that the PC not only represents an aggregation of diverse basic interests represented in the constituency, but he is essentially a crucial stakeholder in ensuring the integration of voters into the democratic process not only through the actual elections process, but also through other forms of participation, thereby forging the needed links between the party structures and constituents. This is the time that the party in the Constituency needed its Parliamentary Candidate to spearhead local agenda and setting up platforms to mobilize the grounds and support base of the party within the constituency. We are very conscious of the notorious fact that often times; it is the candidate with high Authority at the local level who can generate considerable voter support and even help to raise financial contributions and donor support for the party. Needless to say then that Hon. Isaac Odamtten's non-participation in party activities, both within and out of the Tema East Constituency, and his lack of political initiative in the constituency constitute a clear and present danger to any hopes of success for the party in the upcoming parliamentary elections. We are compelled, under the circumstances, to demand of the Constituency executives to prevail upon Hon. Odamtten to avail himself to the duties consistent with his office with all sense of seriousness and urgency, lest we shall advise ourselves appropriately. We hereby issue a One-Week Ultimatum to the Constituency Executives to get Hon. Isaac Ashai Odamtten back into the Constituency to carry out the mandate of his position. Failure to do this will leave us with no option but advise ourselves appropriately. Thank you


1. Secretary - Maxwell Ofori Quaye - ?024 451 5261? 2. P.R.O - Torsu Wisdom Kwame – 0248193938 3. Organizer - Gabriel Ngissah - ?055 662 8162 Cc: 1. The Greater Accra Regional Chairman, NDC 2. The Tema East Constituency Secretary, NDC 3. All NDC Branch Chairmen, Tema East Constituency

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