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Regional News of Friday, 24 June 2016


Chief cautions youth to be wary of politicians

Nana Osei Kyeretwie Duako I Nana Osei Kyeretwie Duako I

Nana Osei Kyeretwie Duako I, Sunyani Adomakohene, has urged the youth in his area and the general Ghanaian Society, not to allow themselves to be used by some unscrupulous politicians, to forement trouble in the forthcoming general elections.

He said Adomako Community and Ghana needed their youth for present and future transformation, hence the need to preserve their integrity and loyalty at all times.

Nana Duako I was speaking at the closing session of this year's MTN- Suncity Inter – Community soccer, when Sunyani has its turn on Sunday.

He explained that elections are not time for wars, conflicts or confusion, but time for decision making on which ideology or policy direction the people want for the nation.

"When the politicians give you money, food or drinks for you to cause trouble, ask them (Politicians) to use the young people in their own families for that purpose, and this would make such self-seeking nation wreckers to think twice", the chief stated

The Adomakohene reminded Ghanaians that wars and communal unrests have left many maimed, injured and even dead, so no Ghanaian worth his sort should ever dream of causing trouble before, during and after the impending elections.

He also urged Ghanaians to use social media positively in times like these, to promote peace and national cohesion, and called on politicians to lead the crusade for a peaceful elections.

"If you have the nation and its people at heart and seek their welfare, you would not seek power by any means possible to you, but seek their genuine mandate to rule them,"

Nana told Ghanaian Politicians.

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