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General News of Thursday, 29 August 2019


Charlatan pastors overtaking our media a huge security threat – Dr. Antwi Danso

Security analyst, Vladimir Antwi Danso play videoSecurity analyst, Vladimir Antwi Danso

Security analyst, Vladimir Antwi Danso has pointed to the proliferation of ‘men of God’ in Ghana’s media and society as a major contributing factor to the heightened security threats in the country.

He says pastors, most of whom are fake, preach about subjects which are unrelated to personal wellbeing and national discourse.

Speaking in an interview with Ghanaweb, Dr Antwi Danso in his submission identified the influx of so-called men of God as a peculiar reason why most Ghanaians are unable to contribute constructively to governance and politics.

“I’m a Christian, dire wolf Christian but what I see on our television screens, a great number of them is unchristian. It doesn’t give the citizens a good thinking about what God has given them…time is sold to these pastors, a lot of them charlatans, to preach to us what does not inure to the benefit of this country, in terms of political economy or security.”

According to him, there is too much preaching on television, a phenomenon which has imbedded a lazy and nonchalant habit in some Ghanaians, leading to the growing spate of insecurity.

He said, generally the church, which hosts a greater position of the Ghanaian population has failed in its duty to preach about peace and security in the country.

“…People are sick and you say they shouldn’t go to the hospital, it’s a security issue, it’s a big security issue,” he emphasized.

“Come to think of it that the great percentage of the population go to these churches without going to the hospital…,” he added.

He clarified that human security issues comprise not only potential national threats or devastations but “food needs, health needs, education needs and all those things. And if you understand how they gel, you will know that when a section of the population don’t build with you, you’ll have to spend even more to cater for them later….because anything you bring is measured in what the pastor is telling them.”

“It’s a big security issue,” he added.

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