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General News of Tuesday, 26 February 2008

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CPP Can Recover 42 Lost Years

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Ghanaians, on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the overthrow of the CPP government the Convention People’s Party (United Kingdom and Ireland) joins Ghanaians the world over in solemn remembrance.

42 years after that treason, it is no accident that our beloved country has moved from one government to another, none showing the kind of vision and purposeful but benign authority an underdeveloped country like ours needs. From a country rich with ambition, energy and resources for long term development, Ghana has since the CPP been reduced to an absurd economic theatre where she gropes from one externally-imposed policy to another without a coherently thought-out destination in sight. The collapse of vision and of principled leadership has been total.

The CPP Government blazed a trail of African and Black emancipation and had persevered in determined struggle to assert our collective dignity and chart a new destiny for all Ghanaians.

As fathers, mothers, elders, professionals, farmers, intellectuals, businesspeople , workers in general and citizens of Ghana, we have all benefited directly or indirectly from the CPP’s vision and legacy. Ghanaians campaigned for “positive change” in 2000 and rejected the NDC governments economic programme and direction, which had inflicted so much hardship on our nation, showing their disdain also for NDC corruption. The NPP had unfortunately followed the same path inflicting even greater hardship on Ghanaians – the price of basic food such as Kenkey as risen by a1000%, with petroleum prices rising by nearly 700%, affecting transportation costs as well as utility prices. This is causing much distress and further impoverishing ordinary people in our country.

The NPP’s capricious cronyism and arrogant corruption has continued to devalue the development effort and aspirations of all of us. It is our hope and prayer that we shall all resolve to repay the debt to our beloved country so that she might recapture the status and reputation she rightly enjoyed in decades past under CPP government, which made her the lodestar of Africa

As Ghana prepares for elections at the end of this year we ask fellow Ghanaians to use this occasion to take careful stock of the national situation. For the first time since 1966 there is a real opportunity for a breakthrough in installing a CPP government once again, an opportunity to get a truly people centred government , offering more efficient government with less ministers, a boost to the public sector as well as Ghanaian businesses, an opportunity to review our institutions and make the strategic decisions necessary for transforming our society into one fit for all its people and not just a privileged few.

Let us all summon courage not just for the sake of today’s youth but also for future generations and make a date with CHANGE and FRESH LEADERSHIP now.

Long Live Ghana

Communications Directorate –

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